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Ooooh, pretty blues!


Ohhhh, the Lady in Red is AWESOME! On a blue globe thistle, I will add.

And HOLY COW, those socks are lovely.


Love the pictures--hydrangeas are one of my absolute favorites. My grandmother had a lovely one that bloomed every year, and when she passed, my dad uprooted it and transplated it to their own house so that the family could still enjoy it every year. Love the dragonfly too--what a shot!

Those socks are amazing. What a beautiful pattern.


I love dragonflies.....what a beautiful picture of this one! Your secret sock pal is going to be a lucky lady :-))


Well, I know I'm not your sock pal, but those socks are going to be knockouts nonetheless!

Great pictures too! I love me some bug shots.


Great flower pictures! I love your sock choice, and Koigu - who wouldn't love that!


Wow! I agree, your sock choice is phenomenal. I'll have to give that pattern another look. The photo you showed from IK is much better than the photo in the book.

Love the hydrangeas! :)


Your sock pal is so lucky! I too love the Knitting on the Road book. I am shocked that you don't have it yet! Beautiful photos.


I've never been to your blog, but followed the link from the SP2Za update. I have to say, I absolutely LOVE your socks! They're gorgeous and the color is awesome. Your sock pal is so lucky!


wow, i love the blue, so pretty. i have this book and i LOVE many patterns in it.


I am hoping beyond hope that the socks are for ME. Seeing as I did not sign up for this round or sockapaloozas, the chances are slim, eh?
(aside: I had written "Chances are SLIME" haha)
GORGEOUS FLOWERS! I love your pictures. Knitting or otherwise.


Grrl you got lucky with the Lady in Red! Awesome. And who wouldn't love the Travelers socks!!! They are also awesome...especiallly in Koigu (blue Koigu to boot!)


wishing i was your sock pal! those are going to be just loveerrrrrly :O)


Wow, great pics, T...a regular ansel adams in the making! Love the socks too!! :)


Beautiful pictures! That sock and the color are gorgeous! I've tried to knit that pattern sock 2 times and got dejected by those travelling stitches. I'm not sure why! But it is my absolute favorite socks pattern. Someday...

I'm sorry if I missed it, but what is shade number of the koigu? Thanks in advance!


Your nature shots are phenomenal - those socks are pretty great too, I like-a the koigu!


Those socks are gorgeous...I'm thinking of using a pattern from that book for my sock pal, too.

Would you mind if I used your dragonfly photo on my blog? It's much nicer than the one I stole, er, used from Google!


Well alrighty then! I'll say one damn fine nature photographer at that. Those are amazing shots with the bee and dragonfly. I think those socks will be devine. Hope they end up size 11!

carla Hibbard

Gee wiz! I hope they are for me!!! :-)

Cynthia Hall

Wow! I love those socks....I live in North America...hmm, hope they're for me!! ;)


Ranger Susie

I love your hydrangeas. That is going to be one beautiful sock/pair of socks. I love the colors in that yarn. I'm a wee bit embarrassed to say that I have never used Koigu. You're making me want to go out and buy some, big time!


Great photos and awesome socks. Did you buy the book? I have it and, although I haven't knit from it yet, I really like it!


Wow...gorgeous photos Teresa C! I LOVE the dragonfly one! Oh & the socks are looking mighty fine also. ;-)


Beautiful echinops and hydrangea! Love the blue theme...of course. The dragonfly is an amazing shot, too. Even though she is RED.


Beautiful echinops and hydrangea! Love the blue theme...of course. The dragonfly is an amazing shot, too. Even though she is RED.

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