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Wow, hard to believe it could be pinker. It's very pretty.


What are you worried about? That you'll run out of yarn? Looks like you'll have plenty. That's me, the eternal optomist.


Pink socks?? OK where's Terry and what have you done with her?? :)

Beautiful pink socks!!


I join the cry: PINNNNNNK?!!!!! I need a cool cloth, please.

You'll have plenty of yarn. Pshaw.


350 is coming in January. I'm not kidding either.

DUDE! Did you follow my directions? 25 repeats get you to the heel? At least the stripes look good and you got rid of the ridiculous pooling. I'm very impressed! How'd you do it? I hope the Koigu works for you. It makes me so sad that you ran out of yarn.

What can I do to help you? Let me know!


Maybe you could use a solid pink just for the toes? That would look cute!


Oh dear!


OK, I'm back to say that I wear a size 9.5 and I'll never get a pair of socks out of one of these skeins. How sad!


That's why I'm using Koigu...three skeins;)


Yikes. I'm nervous to start my pair now. Looks like I'll be shortening the cuff a bit.


I've never run out of any sock yarn skein for a women's US size 7 (my size). Never.

That really bites.


I wear an 8.5 - clearly I'll be shortening my cuff a little for these socks. Oh well. The Fold will be at Stitches West in February, and I can stock up on 350 yard skeins of STR. :)


yeah, that sucks. This is precisely why I love working toe up. Hey, love the rogue...it's fabulous!


I know you've probably already thought of this, but maybe a solid Koigu in a pink that matches the STR. I'm afraid if you try to match the Koigu, it'll look like a mistake. Doing it as a solid would look more intentional.

Man, I FEEL your pain!

They are gorgeous, though...


me and my size 10's are completely screwed.... and I bought tons of that stuff! argh!

Diane E.

Hey, What's the problem? Doesn't everyone wear size 4-1/2 ? I guess just some of us, including STR people. Sorry, no pink here :(
You'll scare up some, I have no doubt.


me and my size 10's are completely screwed.... and I bought tons of that stuff! argh!


The older sister out to torture the younger sister---she never can stop no matter how old she gets. I had one finished sock on at Thanksgiving(only six days late). She teased me with one sock--how warm and cozy it felt. And while we played games that day she held the other sock in her hand, knitting one little loop at a time--keeping my hopes up that maybe I would have the other sock--oh, I don't know, the next day.( Well, she is an expert and under pressure kind of knitter--I am a blood relative...) I already imagined my pink day--pink sweater, pink clogs--cold New England Day--MMMM...weather men are predicting a cold front in the next few days. I usually need a magnifying glass to see her "mistakes". Rock on with those socks!!! I know someone elses Birthday that is coming up in 8 days..... I hope I don't forget... Sisters can be so evil...:)


I am sorry that our yarn is causing you so much grief. If you send me your address I will send you some more yarn to finish your socks.
We are changing the yardage and most of us here do have normal size feet. It is a puzzle to us, we have many pairs of STR knit by various knitters with plenty of left over yarn.
When we were first decideing on yardage we tested it and kept it this way to keep the price affordable. We want our knitters happy and it does make us very sad and worried to hear knitting angst. So,all that said, would you like more rhodonite or a solid pink??
Again sooooo very sorry. I will now go atone to the knitting goddess.


Knit very, very fast and the laws of physics will protect you. P=yk 2
{Project=yardage x speed of knitting squared.}
Every little bit of speed will exponentially improve your odds of having enough yarn.

Although having a back up plan like finding more yarn or different coloured toes is not a bad idea - lol.


Sorry you had to go thru this Terry! This is EXACTLY why I wont buy STR! Even increased to 350 yards it is BY FAR the lowest put up of any sock yarn and I refuse to be forced to spend $32 for my very NORMAL feet!!


What I love about knitting is that there are SO MANY OPTIONS out there no one ever has to be forced to buy anything! That's what's so GREAT about knitting. Don't you think?

What's even better is when a knitter has a problem, so many people are willing to step up to the plate to help and offer solutions. That's even better. ;-)

I know it will all work out Terry and the socks will be gorgeous.


Very nice! kdfbdddkdb

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