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Better Pal

*giggle* Well it's your birthday there now... I hope you have a lovely day all day long and I will let the others struggle over the competition at hand. Happy Birthday!


You're too cute! And my favorite Christmas album is One Holy Night by Red Nativity. It's Native American-style renditions of Christmas music. Mostly all instrumentals and very beautiful.
Okay, off to do my research for the answer to this wicked hard question. Good thing I have a background as a reference librarian!


That question is just SO hard! How are we every going to be able to answer! Hippo Birdy to EWE, grrlfriend!!!!


I love it all that for the best color around BLUE! I'm with you on that! However my eyes change color with what I wear so they are not always blue!


Hippo birdie to BLUE!
Hippo birdie to BLUE!
Hippo birdie, hippo birdie
Hippo birdie to BLUE!

(That WAS wicked hahhhhhd!)


Dude. You're worse than I am. At least this week my question will be somewhat challenging.


Oh and Merry Christmas Baby by none other than Bruce Springsteen is my FAVORITE of all time (not that crap Santa Claus is Coming to Town they always play on the radio.)

How about I'll Have A BLUE Christmas Without You?


You are so funny!!


I learned something new today- from you- in blue!

I didn't know about Vera Ellen and the turtlenecks although it totally makes sense. Her tiny waist is so distacting especially in the Choreography scene. White Christmas my fav Christmas movie too.


Happy Birthday. Another vote for White Christmas as the best Christmas movie, although A Christmas Story is a close second.

The Vince Guaraldi Trio Charlie Brown album used to be my favorite, but it now reminds me Outkast (anyone else see the video of "Hey Ya" as done by the 'Charlie Brown Dancers' before they had to take it down for legal reasons?)

I confess, I googled to come up with my answer. This is what your question made me think of: http://www.rit.edu/~smo4215/monty.htm#Scene%2023


My favorite Christmas recording is Percy Faith's "Christmas Is..." It's what my family would listen to every year as we decorated the tree. My mom still has the vinyl somewhere, and I keep meaning to get it on CD one of these days.


Um, blue?

You are too funny.


Hee. Happy Birthday Terry.


H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !!

(Wouldn't be blue, by any chance -- would it?)


Yay! It's your birthday! Happiest of birthdays to you, my dear. May your day be wonderful in every way.

Oh and, um, uh..... I know this one. I just can't get the Jeopardy song out of my head. Oh wait...... BLUE!!!!!!!!!


*H*A*P*P*Y* *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y* !

Dear Blue. ;0)


Happy birthday to Blue!


Happy Birthday! And wow, that question is so hard I'm turning blue in the face from thinking... :O)

some girl



Have a great birthday, Terry!

Diane E.

How can you not LOVE "Christmas Wrapping" by the Waitresses found a funky CD The Edge of Christmas. Now that was a CD that took some extensive digging to find. Chicago's Christmas CD is also pretty decent. Happy Birthday Terry!*


Phew. I will have to ruminate on that one for weeks! WEEKS! You have no mercy, do you??


It's blue! (I cannot find your email ;) )


December people are the best!


Happy Birthday, Terry!! It wouldn't be, um....let me get back to you on that!
My favorite Christmas CD is The Roches, *We Three Kings*. Wouldn't be Christmas without it!


I'm another "Christmas Wrapping" by The Waitresses fan! And I LOVE your Jaywalkers (anything pink works for me)!


Have a super birthday filled with love, laughter and knitting :D


December babies RULE!

I hope your day was happy and that today will be the second day of a great year for you.

P.S. There is currently a white out and I just heard some thunder. WTF?


Hee hee! As I was reading I was getting all stoked to start doing research!! :)


Boo hoo hoo
Email link buggy
I am blue

Happy Birthday!

julia fc

(like I need more yarn)
Happy Birthday, soon to come.


It's Sunday, but I'm thinkin' Periwinkle Blue, just because blue is so generic...

Happy happy b'day!

pat j

Happy Birthday I enjoy your blog! Be happy, you can't be "BLUE" ON YOUR BIRTHDAY.

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