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i'm going to guess 93. that number just popped into my head.


Phew - for a minute there I thought contest was that we were all going to have to bear our own little hoards for the world to see!

Guessing tea tins, thats easy! my guess is 143.


I'm going low at 54. And then I'm going to put some water on for tea!


Now you've done it. Can't wait to see the newly organized and ready to drink Terry Teas. My guess is 194


Hmmm........I'm guessing 224


My guess is 125.


198. I know that you can cram a LOT of stuff in little cabinets. Don't ask. ;D


Were you blogging when you did that week-of-18-hour-days purge? I vaguely recall something of that nature over here.

I am near the breaking point, myself. I definitely feel the weight, the energy being sucked right out of me -- it takes a lot of energy to ignore all the stuff.

My guess? 133. Terrific idea for a contest.


234. I have a lot of tea, too. Ridiculous amounts, since I don't really drink much of it. And I'm SO READY to disgorge the crap. My husband goes in and pulls stuff out of the recycling and garbage, so it's an endless battle. I will be on the rampage soon.


Wow, that's a deep cupboard! My guess is 225, and if I win I'll share with Margene.


I will guess 78!


My guess is 195!






I was originally going to say 50, but nah! I'm guessing 100.


82. And I saw Oprah both days and found it fascinating and horrifying. I'm pretty good at keeping things streamlined but Dale could use an intervention on the garage.


45? Sounds good anyway.

Marcia Cooke

68?.....I have no idea! I did watch the Oprah show, too, which opened my eyes to, cough, a certain person who also lives in this house. We battle all the time, and I have certain inherited hoarder tendencies myself. In a way, those people were lucky Oprah came in and did all the work....they never could have afforded it themselves! (Keep up the posting, dear, even after this month is over...you're GOOD!)


I'll guess 113 containers of tea. I'm with you on trying to streamline. Our goal for our new house is to get rid of things that don't bring us pleasure, and to keep and display those that do. We may not exactly see eye to eye on how to accomplish that -- I think that skeins of handspun on the coffee table constitute a collection of things of beauty that bring me joy. Hubby thinks that they are clutter that belong in a drawer in the craft room. Hmmm ... what if I put them in a decorative basket in the living room?


I fight that tendency to hoard almost everyday. Moving allowed some major cleaning out, but I still packed many things just because...Craft supplies are my own personal weakness - it doesn't matter that I have not done that particular craft in over 10 years, I may still need whatever because you never know. I hate that.

I'm going to go lower with my guess - there's some really big numbers here already - so my guess is 57.

Joanne Richardson

Oo, my guess is 47


I did count the number of balls of yarn I have, and now I can't sleep at night. At any rate, I think you have 112 boxes of tea.


That's a BIG shelf. 150 is my guess. Now I feel better about my tea shelf... it used to throw boxes at me too, but I painted the kitchen cabinets last year and went through it all, threw out everything past it's expiration date. Lately the baking shelf is thrusting bags of candied fruit and cocoa powder boxes at me, though...

My dad is a hoarder, if he did not live with my mom (who is not, and limits him), he would have one of those houses with a path through it. I struggle constantly against my inherited hoarding tendencies. Yarn, books, and kitchen stuff are my vices. ("Condiments," says my husband.)



And I bet you have a lot more than 127 balls of yarn, too, while I'm at it!


Ooh, fun! I'll guess 137. And no, I won't show you my tea cupboard.


And OMG, I think we have the same mother! ;)
I am in a not-too-manic cleaning/throwing out phase here; I have to fight packrat tendencies and both DH and I are "pilers", and it's been a bad year, so my house is feeling overwhelming and awful. I am tackling one pile per day.



Hey, when you come down here (as you continually threaten to do) bring me some old tea. I'd love to try new teas (black tea only) and have pretty much just one tin in my tea cupboard.


My ex is an obsessive-compulsive acquisition sort. He will be one of those people in the news who are killed by a pile of their stuff falling over on them. I told my kids when he dies, they can hire a psychologist and a cameraman and make a PBS series analyzing the man as they sort through it all....


119. Good contest!

Beth S.

72. It's a big number, but not horrifying... ;-)

Good luck counting and cataloguing! Be strong! :-)


That Oprah show really hit a nerve for me. I'm not a hoarder but I have definite packrat tendencies with a side of complete slob. I've already gone through my bedroom and bathroom and threw out a bunch of stuff, recycled a bunch and packed up a box to give away. If I keep this up my home will be manageable in about three years.

I'll guess 73 for the tea.

Elizabeth H.

I'm not a hoarder - except yarn, but I'm married to one! We have a perpetual contest. Can I throw it out faster than he can bring it in - or vise versa?
I'm guessing 123. Not sure why - that number just popped into my head.


I like tea, some teas, not all. I had not idea that there were that many. Or that tea could be considered expensive, guess I don't shop in the right places. I would be amazed if you had 97, so amaze me. Oh, and if you wanna send me allittle tea to help lighten your load, pick one for me...I like English Breakfast Tea if that helps.


So, Miss Terry, what is your FAVORITE tea?


How about 76?


182. Just a wild guess. I only have 3 kinds of tea in the cupboard. Some new tea would be nice.


Hmm... 167. (No reason, I just closed my eyes and that was the first number that appeared.)

I fear I may be a hoarder. I know my daughter is. Now that you talk about energy flow, I may be motivated to get rid of some of the boxes, the baby toys, the clothes that will never fit me again. The wool stays.


68. I have a friend who has decorated her house in the Danish Modern style. Visiting her regularly helps keep my home uncluttered.


81. I saw Friday's show with the 10,000 square foot tag sale. It makes me determined to clean some stuff out of my room. Some to consignment, some to goodwill, some to the trash man.

I will admit to being a tea collector, too. I like iced tea best but can't stop when I see something new and different. I have kept away from Adagio since my little binges last year.


I'm guessing 81. I like that number.

The Feminist Mafia

Although my first thought was 222, I'm going with 199. This is fun.


158. =)

Now I'm REALLY curious as to how many you really have!

Shari Schneider

I "stumbled" upon your blog and I am glad I did! I will guess 87---probably low, but the number just popped into my head! I enjoyed your post. I also watched the Oprah Show last week. One of the most important thing I took away from it is that I have to STOP shopping. I am addicted to using my Michaels, Joann's Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, etc. coupons. I am going to stay out of the stores. I threw the coupons out this week. I will visit your blog often.


173 :)


One of my brother commented several years ago the "If some was good and more was better then too much was just about right." Can you tell I come from a hoarding family? My father has his piles (discretely camoflaged for the neighbors) of scrap metal, parts, tractors in renovation and wood. Don't try to look in his garages( Yes plural). My mother has her cabinets of fabric, glass (for stain glass work) and beads and then her office, which she describes as "five pounds in a one pound box". I will need to move next spring and have tried to unload fabric and other craft projects with moderate success this past month. Unfortunately I've purchased yarn in about equal volume to the objects I de-stashed. I figure its a trade-off. At least the boxes didn't grow in number. As to your tea collection...drink on in good health. How about 111?


84, but I'm not sure I should be guessing since my own tea cupboard looks eerily similar, and I recognize almost all of those tea containers. Off to drink 5 or 8 cups of tea...


I've enjoyed your blogging everyday:) I'm going to guess 212. Happy Thanksgiving!


Its 108. I just know it is. Or maybe that's the number of packages of tea on *my* shelf. After all, I went to Mariage Frères last weekend.


I am guessing 243. but then don't ask me to count mine.


I guess... 58. I love my tea also! But I'm a little too scared to count my stash (tea and everything else!).

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