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Marcia Cooke

We really haven't had winter "down south" here in Connecticut, so I was just as excited as the grandkids to see that snow this afternoon. I've got showshoes and no place to go! But, the days are getting noticeably longer: we can walk now at 4:30 and still be home before pitch dark. Good for us clumsy old folk!


We had a touch of warmth and sun today! You're very intrepid to hike is such weather...but I knew that!


It's not uncommon for amarylii to throw up buds first. The leaves will follow in due time. We had some sun in the early afternoon. Those 2 snow squalls that pushed through here were quite something. We had a whiteout for a while- snowballs fell the size of peas and smaller. The dogs didn't quite know what to make of it -esp accompanied by the loud thunder.

Cheryl S.

I hardly ever get leaves before the blooms - isn't that why they're also known as "naked lady"? (Although I must admit, whoever came up with that name had totally the wrong gender.)


I went for a winter walk too, today and yesterday. Though it was over 50 both days. I'm noticing a lot more light in the evenings--sometimes it's even light when I get home!

(I just bought some of those pre-strung-floss things. They're pretty cool... I don't have to cut off the circulation in my fingers or worry about keeping them out of the cats' mouths.)


Yesterday was a weird weather day! We drove to the coast and it was sunny - hooray - but we still had those squalls, mostly with hail. I'm ready for winter to be OVER. Of course, I've been saying that since November.


Rain, thunder, snow, horizontal snow..it was all quite exciting, except for the repeated shoveling part. I'm still loving it.

How do you bounce off your gums??


Here's the links to the dentist approved flosses:



Bounce them five times off the gum trampoline.


That sure is an interestingly shaped plant.


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