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Lisa McGuire

There is a lot of "stuff" for "some stuff For Sunday." 1) Sure, sign up for the NaBloPoMo, you're already doing it, and a REALLY GREAT job, too! (I'm impressed.) 2)I, too, like/love/hate to run. But the 5K I ran in Philly in May '08 took me WAY TOO LONG to even consider a half marathon. When the downstairs is finished, (shudder the thought...this week some time), I have said that I would do P90X, in hopes of getting stronger and more muscles (I have none). If I'm still alife after P90X, I might consider the half marathon. And go for the NaKniSweMo, I'll be finishing my second sock. :)


Probably yes on the sweater, probably no on the daily blogging, although I'd love to, and the best I can do on the running is promise to walk more in NOvember, OK?


I used Hal Higdon novice level to train for both of my half marathons, and it works really well - actually, this last time I ran only 3 times per week (including my long runs) and didn't do squat in between. I was sufficiently trained, but not as well trained as last year when I did 4 runs a week pretty consistently. I think the idea of a February run is fantastic - something to shoot for in the long winter. As long as the roads aren't too treacherous for training - that's what always stops me in the winter.



The NloMo, yes...the SweMo, yes. I'd love to think I could do the marathon but I'll have to pass. It's a wonderful goal for you and you'll do it no prob!!


No way on the daily blogging. I could never, ever come up with something to blog about every day.

I wish I could join you on the training for the half. Can I run in a cast? lol

I should be able to do the sweater in a month, but probably won't. I hate deadlines.


The running sounds like fun but I think I'll pass. My knees couldn't take it.


Well, Matt and I just made a thousand dollar bet that I won't run it, so now I'm in for sure.


I admire those who run, but my body revolts at merely the thought.


I'm giving the daily blogging thing some thought.


I want to knit the sweater, but I can't finish my current one before Nov 1. I'm thinking about the blogging, but I'm not sure I could do it since I'm so boring. Oh, and I don't run. Not even if my hair was on fire. Sorry.

I'll be rooting for you, though!

Down Comforter

i dont understand what all these people are bloggin about
anyways like the ideas


I admire your ambitions. So I pledge to comment daily (don't have a blog), get on the treadmill daily, finish the sweaters that I have in pieces, and perhaps serenade my students with the fabulous Halloween song!


I can't read all this. Hypocritical, I know, because I'm always (not really) peeved when people say they can't read my epic-length posts. HOWEVER, a) I hope I win the fly-fishing flies. (hahahahaha. NOT. but it's funny anyway). and b) This is serious. Listen up: Have you tried Tabata training aka the Tabata Protocol? You seriously, really ought to. It's totally your style, and it's AMAZING. Google it, and write me if you want to know more about how I use it (I should put that in past tense, because I haven't done it in a while, damnit.)


i just signed up for the NaBloPoMo since i'm already doing it.

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