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Wow! Your so organized and efficient! I love the colors you've chosen~especially the Jewel and the light blue. There are just too many great yarns to choose from!


I would go with the mountain mohair. It is the only one where anybody will see the cables.

I firmly believe cables look best in lighter colors, so that other people can admire them.


I love the red. I know that cables in dark colors don't photograph as well as light, but I think it looks rich. I am doing my in Jo Sharps Silk road Aran Tweed in Highland Which is a green tweed in medium green with light yellow-green and blue green flecks.


Wow. That was some slideshow! If you would be willing to knit more than one Rogue, you could do a drapey Rogue for lounging about in, and a stiff, sturdy Rouge for outside. That way you could test out the pattern in the lovely Mountain Mohair, while still searching for the perfect firm yarn.

I don't think this sweater will take you long.


I love the Silk Road Tweed Jewel. It looks so rich. The Green Mountain one looks really nice too. The question is.... Which one will you actually wear?


wow-- beautiful swatches!! I like how the cable pops out in the blue- but just pick which one YOU like the best-- you'll be wearing it. Any of them will be beautiful!


Thanks for the Rogue Swatch Show! Decisions, decisions; I'm glad I'm not in your shoes -- living in San Diego has made me a Rogue Observer only (too warm for here, drats).


The swatches are really beautiful. However, which swatch is which wool? I really love the dark red one (and the dark teal, and the....).

I guess I'm going to have to start one of these, too. Sigh. Three afghans started, three sweaters, and now this.


wow, wish I'd waited to see your rogue research swatch extravaganza! I adore that green mountain spinnery swatch.

Wish I had some wedgewood jamiesons for you. Hope you find some :)


Wow! I have never seen sich thorough swatching! And could never do it myself. But it's a great lesson in how different yarns are ...well...different. Thanks for sharing.


Wow, how thorough are you with all that swatching?! I knew there must be someone out there doing a lot of swatching to even out my total lack of swatching. ;0)

Your Na Craga is beautiful. Good luck getting back to it with all the beautiful Rogue yarns calling to you!

Krista Jo

I like the light blue swatch best, but who knows what it looks like in real life. I share your digital camera pain. The absolute best way to get realistic colours is to take your photos OUTSIDE without flash, preferably in sunlight.

Failing that, open 'em up in Photoshop, and play with the levels, the brightness, and the colour balance until the photos look more or less like the swatches in your hands.

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