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Rogue looks great! As does your...hair! Come on, don't be shy- no more hiding behind the knitted garments ;)

pamela o

Your Rogue looks great - I love the color,too.
I am making it in a cream color for my daughter, and may make another in a tweed after seeing yours!

Yours fits so well - may I ask what size it is? I went up a size for the one I am making - again I may end up making another one size down - we'll see when it is done. I figure if I make another I'll get a rogue for myself :)


Having dozens of Rogue's running around never occured to me. There are 50 states and this group seems very diverse. In fact a couple of friends loved the Rogue and will probably make them but doubtful they will be the same colors or yarns. It's a great sweater and yours looks just fab!


Looking good! And I love the color.
I have only ever once seen a sweater I too had knit being worn by another knitter, and that was in a big knit event. No fear.


Wow-- great looking sweater! All those swatches really paid off! Fits you perfectly-- Love cookie also! I need to learn Wendy's technique also!
I'll write you an e-mail.


Your Rogue looks AMAZING, and thank you for your detailed gallery! I am going to consult it frequently if/when I ever get around to Rogueing along!


Yay, you're back! I love how your Rogue turned out and Cookie is way too cute! (I'm not a jealous girl by far but TypePad offers the BEST galleries around. Love all the info and pics.)

I've had a couple of discussions recently with friends on the topic of the popularity of the knitalongs. I would never fear running into someone with the same sweater. In fact, as you suggest, it would be quite fun. My only issue with the knitalongs is that it makes blog reading less diverse. I love to read about hundreds of *different* projects so I tend to skip over the ones where Rogue or Banff are currently in progress. Also, I like the feeling of "going where no knitter has gone before." Sure it requires total denial that the project in question has already been done thousands of times, but if I don't see it before my eyes, the denial suits me just fine. :) Glad you're back!


Rogue was my first knit along. It did spur me on and I enjoyed it. Loved the design.

Every person wears clothes differently. I've know people to freak out at the thought at attending a big event and seeing another in their outfit, but I've never known two people in the same thing to look alike in the least. Different yarn changes everything anyway.

If there is one thing that irks me about knitalongs is that sometimes there is almost a group storm of effusiveness..."I'm sooooooo excited!" or "I'm sooooo tired of waiting to get my yarn - do you think they lost my order???" "Meeeee tooooo!" Ack.


I didn't know that people did 'knit alongs'! I wanna! I wanna! And your Rogue is FAB-U-LOUS!!!!!
Thanks for the tip about www.lisaexplains.com. I'm about to check it out!


Your rogue looks wonderful! Have you completed it yet? I haven't even started mine. I still have to swatch all the yarn that I bought and decide which one to use. Unfortunately, I vowed that I would finish all the projects I have on the needles before starting Rogue. I am chomping at the bit to begin. Anyway, love your Rogue and the yarn choice and thanks for the compliments on the pie!

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