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Yass, dawlin', let's haves us a pitty party. I'm with you. *sniff, sniff* I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvve your sweet & wonderful sheep caught on the fence. Let's enjoy the weekend as best we can withOUT MDS&W. Baaaaaaah!


Since I live nowhere near Maryland, no festival for me. This weekend will be spent working around the house, hopefully planting flowers in my yard, and of course, knitting!


You are so crazy. I'll have some fun for you while I'm at you know where!


Heavy sigh. No Festival for me either! Can I come to the Pity Party? Boo-hoo :(

Love the Karabella yarn. I am (sometimes) knitting the twisted cable cardi from that yarn, and whenever I get it out, I just want to snuggle with the yarn. So scrumptious.

Enjoy your weekend!


Have a great weekend never the less !
I love your sheepy stitchmarkers and the sheep on the fence.
Happy knitting. :0)


No sheepy, shoppy, fuzzy fun for me in you know where this weekend either. I'll be home knitting on my insomnia scarf, swatching for a t-shirt, and making a travelog for Flat Stanley. Some fun! Sure wish I had a guess as to what the picture is. I had some alarming thoughts, but they are better left in my head.


I won't be there either. I'll be in San Francisco strutting my stuff on the runway! By the way, I also collect teapots (chintz specifically) and I have just started collecting sheep. I also collect bees and hearts, after a fashion (meaning I'm pretty picky about what I collect in those categories). I hope you have a good weekend, despite not going to that place we are all wishing we could be...


Hey, cheer up! I'm not *there* either. Though I'm workin' on a way to get to NH Sheep and Wool Festival on the 9th. It will be MOTHER'S day, after all. :)


My daughter and I backed out of going to Maryland because we decided to paint the bath...gee what fun ugh....check our blog tomorrow, going to post about it and not going to Maryland. We are a sad sad sad bunch. ; )


No Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival for this West Michigander! But lucky me! I do get to go to the Fiber Fest in August! Probably a smaller version of the Maryland event, but I love it! And when I did not go to the MDSW, I got to "enjoy" a luncheon with my mom, mother-in-law (and we have a typical AGGG! relationship) and two aunts-in-law (who are awesome! How can they be related!?!?) We had a great time chatting and eating Lemon Lush that my mom made... to die for dessert!

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