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Well, hello! What a great fit on you, Teresa. So whatchya waiting for? Cast on for another! Congratulations, you tippy toe dancer, you!


Your rogue is sooo lovely! Brings that song by Elton John to mind..."hold me closer tiny dancer..." or as Phoebe from Friends sings "hold me closer Tony Danzaaaa"


Very nice! I know I've said this before, but love that color.

My hood does approximately the same thing as yours. Strangely, I've used my hood way more than I would've thought....


I am applauding your beautiful Rogue! And aren't you the happy mama dancing around the back yard? Cute pics!
Your daughter *will* look beautiful in that color, and that justifies a purchase of the Volgassippi Blue for you!

Great work.


Congrats on the beautiful Rogue. Cast on another one! You know you wanna!


I tried my Rogue on this morning (with one sleeve sewn in) and my hood lays just about like yours does. I was thinking it would lay flatter also - not sure if I got that idea from someone's photo or just out of nowhere. I absolutely agree with you about what a fun knit this was! I have yarn for a second also, but may wait until this fall to cast on again. My almost 13-year old wants one, but I told her she needed to finish growing first!


That is so cute! I was thinking of making the hoodie from snb, but now I may have to rethink. Or at least look around at lots of hoodie patterns ... that sounds like fun ...


It's gorgeous!! You did a lovely job! Yes, my hood is doing the same thing.

Rogue II (Back on the Needles) sounds like a fun knit--especially with that blue Jamiesons.

Mary Beth

Wow. I love your Rogue, but I REALLY love your photo-documentation of the process. Thanks for sharing! I really learned how totally impatient I am because I take so many shortcuts during the planning phases. You show us that's where the fun is!


hi teresa - i've just come across you in the ring tonight - your Rogue is gorgeous - came out beautifully! i love the heathery-ness of the yarn and it looks like a perfect fit!!! someday i will make mine...someday...


Hi Teresa -- Just had to check out your finished Rogue pictures. It looks terrific!

I know what you mean about the hood -- but when I tried mine on, I pushed the back part of the hood up and into/under the cabled edge (if you know what I mean) so that when it's lying on my back neck, it sits all folded up together -- try it and see if you like it better.

But, I have to say, it's the best fitting hood I've ever had -- just big enough, but not too big so that it keeps falling off your head!

Can't wait to see your next Rogue!



Hi Teresa!!!

Congrats on your wonderful Rogue!!!
It looks so amazin' cute....
Your photo story of the knitting process was lovely to see and very nice to read.
Hope, that I'll find a pattern somewhere that's "easy" to understand so that I'll be able to knit such a beauty...*sigh*
Sweet greetings from Germany! :o)


It looks great on you! Congratulations.


Way to go girl!!!!! I would dance too! Do a virtual one for me! :o) I kept looking at your Rogue and bit the bullet and ordered yarn for one. I know -- just what i need is one more project. but........


I love your Rogue! It looks wonderful on you. I too would be doing the happy dance :-}


Hey there, Tiny Dancer! Knitter for the Band! Seriously, I love how Rogue turned out -- it looks sooo comfortable. And your presentation of it was priceless :-)


hey teresa. rogue looks fabulous! you must be very proud. like claudia mentioned, my hood was doing the same thing as yours. i ended up steaming it to lay flat. it still works pulled up but i like it better this way when it's not over my head.

the color for the ED cardi looks like a great color for your daughter. what a combo with the hair!


Not only do I love the sweater, but I've decided that I must get my hair cut like yours. And you were kind enough to provide both a front and back shot - thank you!


Wow! Beautiful job on Rogue, and thanks so much for all the photos so we can get a good look. Great fit, great colour, beautiful knitting, and great dancing. :)

Please tell your daughter I covet her hair -- it's the colour I've always wanted.


Wow!!! Love it. What a wonderful color on you!


Rogue looks spectacular on you!
Beautifully done! Bravo!


This is the best interpretation I have seen of the Happy Dance! WOW! Rogue is stunning, the color is marvelous on you, can't wait for Rogue, The Sequel!
Thanks for the reminder...I need to finish what I'm doing and get back to that Rogue of mine!


I think I have just been silently admiring your beautiful Rogue for several days now. So to let you know what I have been thinking: WOW!

It looks awesome! All the swatching really paid off in an amazing F.O. And you make me want to hurry up and finish something for that "dancing in the yard" kind of closure. :)

Well done!


Teresa, I've gone back & forth about knitting myself a Rogue, but your beautiful FO has just about convinced me I must have one! (Of course, I must finish the Must-Have cardi first ~)


Gorgeous, gorgeous Rogue. It fits you PERFECTLY. Congratulations, and thanks for the wonderful and informative gallery!


It's nice to know that other people get excited enough to dance through their yard in their new knitted things! It's gorgeous and you should be very proud of yourself!


I've been away from knitting for many many many years .. partly because I live in Florida where wool doesn't work so well. I've just started back and I'm SO HAPPY. Your rouge is gorgeous Thank you for inspiring me.

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