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Why exactly are you squeezing your blue balls? :)


I have the same question as Kerstin. What is the deal with your blue balls?

Your contest is way too hard for me. My answer is: Post a pic on your blog and let other knitters figure it out!

BTW, I put the Judy Blume book aside and started a new Jodi Picoult novel today. It's good! Have you read any of her's yet? I think I own everyone. Love 'em.

Mary Beth

Blue balls, schwetty balls, what's up with that? 3 rows. Final Answer.


I can't believe you wrote about this today! This morning I did an experiment with my seventh grade math class with bouncing ball heights. I've been teaching for ten years and I didn't think ahead?? I actually gave these directions to thirty twelve and thirteen year olds as I was erasing the board: "I don't want to see anyone playing with anyone else's balls." When I turned around, all I saw were shaking shoulders and red faces. When I started to smile, they all burst out laughing. Priceless moment in my teaching career. Absolutely priceless.


hmmm... So, when you say "23 knitted rows" you are not counting the row on the needle? Which means you really have 24 potential rows, so you would cast on and then graft. No knitted rows at all?


You really do like blue, don't you?

What's the dark blue one by your wrist? Is it the shakespeare magpie? Pretty whatever it is!


Some teenager is going to do a google on "blue balls" and get your site, too.

Mary Beth

re: schwetty balls - I hope you all know I was referring to the Alec Baldwin skit on SNL a few years back - it's a classic. (Don't want you all to be whispering - "what's SHE talking about?) :)


OK, I'm stumped. I think Chelsea's on the right track: are you counting the row of live loops as one of the 23? If not, that's your 24th row, the grafting is your 25th, so you only need one more (assuming the cast-on edge doesn't count as a row, front or back).

My, what lovely balls you have! I'd be squeezing them, too. ;)


Think I am seeing the light: cast on, you now have one row of live stitches, graft to other piece's live stitches and you are done!
The grafted row makes one row stockinette, the 2 live rows make the two others, so 23 plus 3 is 26.
Funny, if this is right, how one row of grafting makes for 3 knitted rows total...


Hey Teresa, funny story: I read this post yesterday and had a great laugh telling my husband all about it. Then a little while later the doorbell rings, and it's a package of yarn from England. I open the package, and it's Debbie Bliss Merino Aran in INDIGO. My husband immediately said, "Blue Balls!" It gets even better. I had lost your link because of inadvertently deleting your comments from my blog, so today I knew how I could find you -- Google "blue balls yarn"!!! I just saw that you did Rogue. I'm so jealous, and yours is one of the more beautiful ones I've seen! Great choice of yarn. Someday.......*sigh*

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