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Mary Beth

I am so nervous! What if I look like an idiot? Here I go - you start with 23, have to get to 26. You loose 2 rows with grafting (down to 21) so you will need 5 rows. There. OK - who's that laughing out there?? Teresa - thanks so much for your comment on Sassy. I must say the simplicity is what I love about this sweater - it showcased the yarn, I think. I would definately make Sassy again.


Okay, I think you CREATE a row with a kitchener style graft. So cast on, knit two rows, and graft.

Mary Beth

OK - let's just say I don't think my name will be in the bag...


knit 2 rows, then graft which will give you the 1 more row to make for the 3 rows needed to make up the difference between 23 and 26. Presto, no??


Annie beat me to it: grafting creates a row, so you only need to knit two to match the front. Good luck!


I had to look this one up. But based on the "mini" lesson here and the last line, "Notice it's impossible to tell the row of Kitchener stitching from all the other rows of knitting." I will have to agree with all the other folks who said knit two rows, then graft. But I think those two would inclued the cast on row, wouldn't they?... I haven't been knitting long, but I think the cast on row "makes" a knit row, doesn't it? So, cast on, knit a row, then graft. That's my final answer.


Oy! These aren't supposed to be this hard! Guess I'm lookin' at my future with Alzheimers. ;)


I think you knit 2 rows with your sweater yarn, then knit 3 rows with waste yarn, then you take the whole shebang off the needle and graft it to the stitches you have on your other piece. So:

2 rows plus 1 row of grafting plus 23 rows of the other piece= 26 rows!

good luck! After that insane rogue grafting this is easy, no? ;-)


Cast on (right side), purl a row (wrong side), then graft it (right side)?

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