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Whoa, sweeeeeeeeeeet. Innit wonderful to see such great teenagers? I am one of the blessed ones, too, but I only have one daughter -- you have exponential pride and pleasure. Bask in it -- you obviously did a LOT right. Must be all that knitting that they witnessed!


Congratulations to the artists both musical and visual! But I do feel I have to warn you -- I played in the pit orchestra for Cinderella and both "In my own little corner..." and "The Prince is giving a ball!" were VERY hard to get out of my head!


My what TALENTED girls you have! How awesome is all this news?!? Way to go, girls! Way to go, Mama Blue! (Yes, there is great yarn shopping out near Tanglewood. Start pinchin' yer pennies.)


I am clapping loudly for all FOUR of the Blue girls. Awesome accomplishments girls and Mom! Wow.

The drawing your youngest daughter did is just amazing. Is she only eleven? Just beautiful.

Time to celebrate!


Great duck. Tanglewood is extremely beautiful, and there is nice (but pricey) yarn shopping in Lenox.


Oh wow! Such great news to report!


You must be talented musically as well?!? What a bunch of accomplishments in one family. You go 'girls'!!


Wow! Wonderful news-- 3 talented daughters-- !!!!!! Way to go Mom!!!!! You are entitled to brag! Congratulations! You are doing things right Mom-- can you clue me in?-- Lol


Yarn in Lenox is at Colorful Stitches. It's right in town in a white house, set back from the road a bit.

I sing in the Tanglewood Festival Chorus and will be at Tanglewood the first two weekends after Independence Day. If you'll be there and want to meet up, let me know! I'll be singing Wynton Marsalis' "All Rise" and Ravel's "Daphnis et Chloe" the first weekend and Wagner's "Der Meistersinger" the second weekend.

John Williams is the sweetest man, by the way. Just let her know not to expect any cues once he has the orchestra in front of him. :)

Mary Beth

Thanks for sharing all that! It is amazing for those of us with younger children to see what is out there for kids these days - especially gifted ones like yours who apply themselves to what they love! Way to go MOM! (What a sweet expression on the duck's face).

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