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Bullseye! You hit it, and I was one of those knitters of Audrey who consulted the picture and found -- ARMS -- two pairs of them, in fact, covering those blasted increases. And then I have my Simply Noro sweater that had the same issue -- a man wearing it, reclining and covering up the fact that the bottom fits like a bell and makes me look five months preggers. Eww. So hopefully I've learned EARLY in my knitting career the pitfalls of those damn photos.


Yay! I would recognize that shade of green anywhere!

That sweater would probably fit me...The *ahem* "girls" need lots of room!

Glad to see you back...I've been watching your blog eagerly anticipating a new post!


Hey, My daughter's FAVORITE color is red, and of course we live in Nebraska, where the college football color is red. The sweater will have a loving home, with a fellow knitter, who appreciates it! What might you want for a trade? I also saw your offer on KBTH, so I hope I'm not too late!

Kits, yarn, books? drop me an e-mail with a wish-list!


I'm so glad to see you back! I was just getting ready to email you. Glad to hear it was knitting keeping you away from blog-land.

Did you get something in the mail from me in the past week or so? I'm worried that it is hopelessly lost...


Amen sister! What a great post!


It's beautiful--even if it isn't perfect--for the fabulous story it tells!


Terrific post! I truly look forward to the day when you share with us some of the photo clues that may mean a bad sweater. I feel like I've learned so much already. Thank you!

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