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Whoa! I was HOLDING MY BREATH to get to the end of that. When you said "cut." Oh.My.God. You didn't really? JESUS, you are RARE and HANDY.


Wow...you remind me of when I had deadlines in grad school...all-nighters, wearing pajamas 24 hours a day, wondering what smells and realizing it's me because I forgot to shower...

Beautiful work!

Your last SKP giftee is (finally) on its way! I mailed it Thursday... Hope you enjoy it!


You are a master! I'm bowing at your blog in a worshipful mode. Did that in a workshop with Lucy Neatby but doing it on a sweater would be very scary. Good job!! Glad you are back. NOW REPEAT AFTER ME...."NO MO' KNITTING FOR HIRE". Let's knit for fun. On Charlotte!


That is a fabulous sweater!! A wonderful piece of work!


Gorgeous sweater! I've been looking for a pattern so I could buy me some Aurora 8. I bought a ball this winter and immediately swatched it up. Heavenly, to say the least. Glad you are back. I'm with Margene ~ no more knit for hire. Are you out of your mind?!? Ok, so she's a friend. Still!

julia fc

oh...my...living...God. What a story. I'm not sure I should read any more blogs tronight, I'm too wrung out on just this tale of triumph over knitting despair. Like, should Sandra Bullock play you in the movie, or what?


Wow. That was just fabulous! I'm sure I wasn't the only one with the Mission Impossible theme song playing in my head.


Teresa, what a beautiful sweater! You did a great job knitting it. Thank you for giving out the link to this designer's web site. I'm off to see her work right now.


So glad you're back! I for one was missing you. This time will be different...


I am in love with that sweater! I MUST knit it with the Aurora 8 as soon as it is available. Gorgeous!

I literally became nauseous when I saw that scissors above your beautiful knitting. Thank goodness it worked out. I was on the edge of my seat...

Glad you're back!


Wow. _Wow_. It's awful to find things like that. My mom has a sweater with a mistake in a cable cross (down near the bottom, of course) that she doesn't wear because she Knows. And she especially doesn't wear it when she might run into the designer, because She Might Notice. I believe it's on the side, near where your arm would hang in a loose, relaxed position, if you weren't freaking out and trying to look relaxed while you carefully make sure that your arm is covering just that spot AT ALL TIMES.

Wow. It looks fabulous now. Congratulations!


Oh, I hope I never have to write a sentence that includes both "cable" and "cut" -- terrifying! You did a beautiful job, though, and the sweater is really stunning.


Wow. From the blue lady to lady in red. What a story. Now as for the N word, stand in front of your mirror, purse your lips, put the tip of your tongue on your upper palate, try saying nuh, nuh, take a deep breath and let it out. You are allowed to say NO.


You better be knitting on Charlotte!!


oh. wow.
So Glad you are OKAY, I was beginning to Worry you'd slipped on some icing and broken your typing fingers or something.

Mary Beth

Those steely cold scissors poised over the soft innocent wool - it's a Stephen King novel for knitters! Is it hard to give the sweater up in the end? Do you ever have regrets? Wonder how it's doing in its new home? Absolutely gorgeous work!

Siow Chin

What a beautiful sweater! Really enjoyed reading about your adventure although I hope you won't have to do it again ever.

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