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I'm sorry, I can't see the sweater yet. I'm still focusing on your TAN! And your teeny-tiny arms. After seeing my hammy arms in those photos yesterday, I am officially being harsh on myself dietwise! But, oh, yeah, nice top, as an afterthought. ;-D


P.S. Just curious -- what is your favorite color?


Love the tank! I've been eyeing that pattern...I think it'll go on my to-do list for next summer. (Now that I'm preparing my fall semester classes I'm in a total cold-weather mind-set...)


Beautiful tank. It looks great on you! I love the color.


Woohoo!! You look marvelous and so does the tank!
Shrew...what shrew...where's Kersti?


You do look fabulous! I mean, the SWEATER looks fabulous...well, let's just say both. I can see that your 4-6 mile power walk really has paid off. Awesome arms.
Now I'm off to check out Norma's "hammy" arms....


sigh. That is so gorgeous, and you look so happy....like you just went for a Power Walk or something ;)
I have to say that cotton fleece is WAY better than the cotton fine. Fondle it at a yarn Store near you, and see if you don't agree..not sure you could get gauge with it though....
Taming the shrew? hmmmmmmm. The Juliet sweater perhaps?


When you say you knit the blues- you mean it!

I can't get over all of your blue knitting!

The tank looks amazing. And your tan...it's not good for your skin but it looks great!

Julia FC

Cheers and compliments for how terrific the two of you look together, and just in time for the oppressive New England August.


Nice tank! Nice tan! Glad that I know *somebody* who's tamed yarnovers -- 'cuz it ain't me :-)


Victorian looks great. I've been contemplating doing it as well, so it's great to see it comes out so great.

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