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Awww, I'm touched! And boy do I love that seaglass color scheme. Don't be foolish enough to show it to my daughter, or she'll track you down and stalk you at your home until she gets it. She has had a thing for sea glass since a little girl, and can't get enough of those colors. Me neither, come to think of it.


Thank youfor the mention. I went down from 5mm needles to 4mm needles, and I went from 16 sts to 17 sts in gauge. Thankfully my row gauge didn't budge, and I got a closer fit. Go for it! (I wore the cardi again today, by the way. It's fun to wear.)


Those colors in Koigu are absolutely stunning! I think it's one of the nicest colorways I've seen. All that Koigu searching really paid off! I hope my current search ends up half as beautiful.


Gorgeous colors! If I had to pick a second favorite color behind blue, it'd be those greens. Great choices. Whatever you make, it'll be incredible!


Holy cow! I had been only mildly bit by the Koigu bug until now... that is the best color collection yet!


Ooooh, sea glass! I have been obsessively searching for sea glass at the beach for years. I think it must be something found only up North. Not on our lovely Southern beaches. Am I wrong?

Love your colors of Koigu. Are you still planning a Charlotte's Web?


Oh my, that is going to be gorgeous! I like the idea of blending so that you can't see where one begins and the other ends. It will be another smashing sweater!


Those Koigu colors are gorgeous. I love to just dive right in there!!
I want to make that Rebecca cardi also. I love it. What yarn are you going to use for it? :-)


Those colors are just beautiful together! It's too bad that the faux sea glass can't be incorporated into the finished product, because it just looks so perfect with the yarn. Your photo reminds me a bit of the storyboards that lots of textile designers use when putting things together.

I also wanted to say thank you so much for the Koigu!!! I just got the package in the mail last night, and it was beautiful. (Well, I figured I'd like the color because I've loved the colors of all the yarn and projects I've seen on your blog.) I was so excited when I won your contest, and I couldn't wait to see what color would end up in my mailbox. I don't know what I'm going to do with it. . . more KPPPM's for another Charlotte? Use it with some solid KPPM in something else?

Thanks also for the lovely note, and I *do* blog about my knitting -- I'm right there on your side bar, Labradorable. So now you can connect the two! By the way, you also live in the town next to my parents. . . small world! :-)

Siow Chin

The colours are beautiful. I understand your dilemma. When I first planned my CW, I wanted blendy, while knitting it, I wanted contrast and almost rip it out. In the end I stuck to the blendy with contrast for the last two colours and it's okay. The Rebecca cardi is on my to-do list too. Looking forward to see yours and the photo album accompanying your impeccable work.


Boy, you are easy.



Oh. My. I just picked out yarn for a shawl, and this picture is making me want to run back to Threadbear and trade it in. Truly, this color blend is ecstasy (NOT the kind you need to be tested for!)


Yep, Norma is definitely "touched." teehee Just GO FOR IT. Step away from the hallucinogens and you'll be just fine.


LOVE the colors and I'm planning the very same sweater or the body hugger raglan Kerstin completed. YOUR choice though is awesome and sea glass is so appropriate, it's been one of my favorite books this summer ;)


Those seaglass colours are amazing! I dont suppose you could post the colour numbers? I find KPPPM confusing to work with - I mean using multiple colours in one garment.

Again, beautiful!


Those colors are MY favorite colors! Stunning! Gorgeous! Can't wait to see your progress!!


These are such beautiful colors! I lived near the beach for most of my life, and collected sea glass as a child.

Would you mind posting what colors of koigu you used in this combination?

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