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Beautiful,beautiful Butterfly ! Very flattering and a great fit.You made it work for you.Those colours look great on you too.
Gorgeous glove - coour and cables.
Wouldn't it be easier to put the stitches on contrasting thread rather than having to manage stitch holders as well as needles ?


It's beautiful. Congrats on a job done well.


All your research and extra work paid off. It looks great on you!




It looks great! Hope mine turns out as good. I shortened the sleeves by two inches but they are still too long and my length is a bit long. I like the length of yours much better. If only I had know how much Noro grows when you wet block it.


Absolutely stunning - and nothing at all like a traffic light. Although I do understand. I, too, tend to wear more muted colors. But those bright colors look wonderful on you. Wear it often and bask in the compliments. You deserve them.


It was worth the wait. It makes me want to start but the WIPs are a little overwhelming as is. Great job of making sure you 'got it right'. Of course we knew you would!!


So glad you're blogging again! And your Butterfly is stunning. I've got to get moving on mine!

Mary Beth

Peace, baby - that's what your WIP is saying! Butterfly looks great - easy to see why you are getting the compliments! (I think people just assume that the arans aren't hand-made - don't you?)

julia fc

Not at all, no traffic light. A beacon of perfection, but NOT a traffic light.
Love the gloves too, and like Mary Beth says, Peace.


OMG!! That is GORGEOUS!!! Well done!


Your Butterfly is just beautiful...I especially like that you shortened your version. The original just seemed a little sloppy to me, but I do like the shortened length, now that I see yours complete. Nice colors, wonderful fit.


It's just beautiful, Teresa. Great job as usual. I love that color of Noro. :)




Lovely! I got that pattern book right after Christmas...I may have a Butterfly in my future, too. Yours is inspiring!


Amazing job!! I've shied away from using any of the NORO yarns on cardigans because of the stripe matching problem -- you've not only overcome it, it's so perfect, the sweater looks like you could have painted the stripes on. Congratulations!!!


Teresa, it looks fabulous. Nothing wrong with stopping traffic.


Hey was just looking around for other people making Butterfly (to get some tips), and found your blog. Your Butterfly looks terrific, I can only hope that mine turns out so well.


Beautiful Butterfly. She looks fabulous on you. It's a perfect fit!


What a lovely Butterfly. All the matching definitely turned out to be gorgeous and worthwhile. Enjoy!

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