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I keep a list of my stash in a notebook, carefully broken into categories (don't ask.) I definately have some stuff to get pass on to a more deserving knitter. Now I just have to make another list.


OMG, this is suchsuchsuchsuchsuchsuchsuchsuchsuchSUCH a good idea. I must do this. This will help so much (I'll kid myself for now) in making sure I don't duplicate purchases and/or inducing me to use yarn I already own for a project. Who knew I was a visual person? I never realized it -- but spreadsheets, bah! This -- this little photo montage -- this works for my brain. Ok, I can see what I'm going to start this weekend! Oy. I needed another thing to do. But this is good. This is sort of like the beginnings of spring cleaning. (not that I ever spring clean, but...yeah, sorta like that.)


I have a relatively teeny stash (just 2 rubbermaid filing bins) but I think this is a fantastic idea. I'm in!


My stash (most of it) is listed on my About page. I was going to spend some time with her this weekend and try to organize by yarn type so I can see what I really have in sock yarn, lace weight, etc. I admire you for not buying (your stash must be gynormous) when you can get what you need at home...that's why we stash, eh? BUT, when I need or really want something that isn't there I do want to give myself permission to have it, as long as there is nothing in the stash that would be suitable or comparable. So, show us your stash! That ought to be great fun.


I have an enormous spreadsheet, with all information you could think of (color, gauge, approximate weight, etc. etc. etc). And I'm not buying much yarn these days, but not for any real reason...I just want to knit what I have. I reorganized my yarn (and created the spreadsheet which is super-handy) back on November 30, on my birthday (it was my birthday date!). When I did that I became inspired by what yarn I have, and by the projects it was all bought for. And I'm still that way. Sure, a few new ideas and some new yarn has found its way into my stash, but it's all for certain projects (I very rarely stash just to stash). I've had my "balls of yarn in stash" tally up on my blog since then as well. So hop on my bandwagon, there's room for ya. ;)


Well now that's pretty impressive. But I can't join a stash-buster club until I build mine up first. I have tended to be a project purchaser, but since the internets exploded with fabulous knit-blogs, I have gotten caught up in the "me too" frenzy on more than one occasion. Now I am learning about yarns I had never seen before AND I am even trying lace. It's been a real creative boon for me, but what stash I had took a hit during the holiday "we ain't got no present money" season so now I am scouting good sources of gorgeous yarn for the proverbial song. Your stash is looking mighty promising.

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