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I LOVE the colour of that jumper!!!


What pattern are you using for your Schaefer Anne socks? I have a hank of it in my stash but can't seem to find a pattern I really like for the yarn ...

Ana Cousins

I have an extra book of "Gathering of Lace" hard cover that I will like to exchange to you for any koigu yarn in blue you have, if you are interesting please write me. Ana


How perfect! I have to pack for an overnight this weekend, and you've made my list for me. You're so thoughtful, Teresa. :)



Kind of off the subject...what digital camera do you use? I was looking at your butterfly album again, and noticed how nice the photos are. I need to upgrade and am curious what you use.



Hope u have a great trip, sounds great! I still have not made my knitted socks yet I am so afraid of all those needles oh well, I have to try and soon cause I love knitted socks, yours look great and I just love all your Blue yarn. I could not find a button to link your site from mine so I made one, if you have one and want me to change it I will, Happy safe trip, Tink


Just had to giggle when reading your packing list! I found myself in the very same sitch two weeks ago when packing for an overnight trip. Made dd drive so I could knit. Thanked dh for purchasing a vehicle that you can keep the map light on at night and the driver can still see to drive...and the knitter can still see to knit. Had to stop at a Meijer to purchase the toothbrush and toothpaste I forgot/decided to forgo in favor of another skein of Noro...

Hope you knitted to your heart's content!


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