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julia fc

At least he didn't ask if you were off your rocker.
Of course, that may be exactly what he was saying.
Maybe he was saying that he'd like to buy it for himself, but wondering if he beat you in the auction would you be really upset because it was the perfect thing for the Lavold Cardigan you wanted to make out of it (Freyda is so you) Or maybe it was his way of participating, however shallowly, in your yarn thing, but he couldn't think of anything like "Freyda is so you" to add to the conversation, so he just said what he said.
Men are so wierd.


Can I just flag this up in the cold light of day ? :

"The next day I received an email from the yarn store owner that she had sudden, urgent business overseas and could not get the yarn in the mail to me right away, but she would charge my card and send it when she got back.  Well, not knowing the yarn store owner..."

I so very much hope that she does,seeing as her store is ''going out of buisness''.

My husband says things like '' do you need more yarn ?''.
Define need !!! If it was golf stuff,well...


I saw the same red flag as Emma. Frankly, if she has time to charge the credit card, she should have had time to put the stuff in the mail to you....or not charged you 'til she got back.

But other than that, yeah, what is up with these husbands anyway!? (hee)

Teresa C

Oooops! Emma and Norma, I knew when I wrote that line it would cause confusion. What I should have written: .....but upon her return she would charge my card and send the yarn. How's that?

Mary Beth

Of course he said that. To which you replied "and your point is?"


I am with Mary Beth, men just don't get it, that's why we are here to take charge. If you really love the color, go for all you can.


Lol! Mine is panicking a bit seeing that I'll need 50% of the boot space for my yarn stash when we move in three weeks!


Ooh, I hope you get it. And if you end up with 25 skeins, just sell what you don't need on Ebay or let me know - it's gorgeous yarn, even though I have sworn a "no more blue" oath. I don't even bother discussing my yarn purchases with my husband anymore. It just makes his eyes glaze over. In fact, I don't have anyone to talk yarn with - except knit-bloggers. I love my knit-blogger friends.


You didn't listen to him did you!?


A husband is supposed to listen to you and say "I understand". His job is not to ask more questions, epecially not silly questions like that :) Enjoy your yarn!!

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