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BEAUTIFUL! How do you know someone is linking to your pix? I think I have the same problem.


I can always count on you for obsessive stripe matching. All is right with the world.



Wow, you are so right that the second working of the sock is different, and, well, just RIGHT. I also echo Margene's question: how can you tell? And how can you tell what is being hotlinked?


Very... nice obsessive stripes. Lovely. I'm sure I'd have done the same thing myself. Yep.


Hi T, happy anniversary! The sock looks great!! You are such a perfectionist but in a good way, hehe...

I recently had to do google search for just this topic, bandwidth theft! This is the only link I saved:
but if you do a search, I came up with a ton of hits!

Of course I have no idea what they mean :)

You know, Kerstin from At My Knits End recently had a problem with bandwith theft so maybe pick her brain for some resources?

Hope this helps!



Love the sock and the stripes! Obsession can be a good thing when the results are this beautiful.


I feel better too. I'm so glad you changed it...what a relief.
(and I am absolulely serious.)


I couldn't figure out what the big deal was until I saw your re-worked sock - smart move that will surely bring you moments of peace and happiness. (I'm absolutely serious too -- we knitters understand obsession!)


OK fellow typepad user, how do you know if someone is stealing your bandwith? I've often wondered how you figure that out when using a service...

BTW, I love the socks! Great color!!


You may already be aware of this, but Kerstin had a long post some months ago about bandwidth theft, along with some links to solutions. Best of luck with it.

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