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What great socks, your sock pal is going to love them!


Your socks are beautiful, your lip is NOT...poor T, that looks like it really hurts!! I'm glad it is somewhat better now!! PLEASE wear a tube of sunscreen around your neck if you have to, you don't need to suffer like that anymore :(


Absolutely gorgeous socks! That's probably my favorite pattern in that book. Now, how much Koigu did they take? Two skeins or three?


Beautiful,beautiful socks.
Poor lips. Bad girl. Remember sun block lippy. You know that. ;-]


Beautiful socks. Your pal will love them!


What beautiful socks. Really.


The socks are very nice! :)

Been there, done that with the lips. Thankfully, I haven't done it in the last 10 or so years, but ouch! Hope they are feeling better soon!


Yummy socks. Yucky lips! Anbesol has been my friend on many occasions...although it tastes nasty. ;) Hope all heals soon.


OUCH! I got a shoulder burn this summer that is still peeling a month later. My husband, king of all sunscreens, was livid. I think he would've grounded me if he could have.

The socks are beautiful!


The socks are beautiful - you have a lucky sock pal! And your lips look so sore. I hope they're better soon.


Lovely socks, and those sock sleeves are fantastic, too! Someone should go into business selling those....I don't have Photoshop, so I couldn't make one. But they are SO COOL.

saving the sunscreen lecture....;-)


I've been worried about you and I see for good reason! Take care and try some antibiotic ointment.They will heal a little faster, too.

Great socks!!!!


Beautiful socks--they will definitely put a smile on your pals face (and make their feet so cozy!)

Hope the sunburn heals up soon--


Oweee, sorry about your lip boo boo. But man, those socks are gorgeous! Gosh I hope they're for me. I just got that book and I can't wait to do almost every one in it, except for the chunky ones.


OMG! Socks are spectacular!


Those are the prettiest socks I've ever seen! Now I have to go get that book. Dammit.


Oh My God those poor lips. Made up for it, of course, by
1. Beautiful socks
2. Knit in a perfect color
3. In a beautiful bed of sage

Such work!


Beautiful, beautiful socks!!


They are beautiful! That is one lucky pal!


Your socks are gorgeous......and the lips look so sore! I can truly sympathize....I have done the same to mine more times than I want to admit to :(. Blistex in the little navy blue tub does wonders in helping them to heal.


The Traveler's socks are so beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen anything like them. Absolutely beautiful!

Mary Beth

Beautiful Travelers! Great job, T.!


Beautiful socks...what a lucky sock pal! So, are you gonna make it to Stitches?

Teresa's SockPal

Dear SockPal-
It's inspiring seeing your socks done! Your second sock is on the needles, more than half way done. I hope to mail them out by the weekend. Just wanted to let you know that I exist and you will be getting your socks!!


Gorgeous socks!


Gorgeous socks! I'm sure you're sock pal will love them!


OMG I wish I were your pal.. lol They are truly lovely!!!!! I have that book. Maybe I should try and figure this one out!


the socks are gorgeous ----- once you figure out the label, please give us directions! I have loved the idea ever since I saw it on Knitting Fool's site.


Ouch! So sorry. I've done that to my nose, so you have my total sympathy. The sun is a cruel mistress.

You hope your sock pal likes them???? My goodness woman, those are perfect socks. Those are heirloom socks. I'm impressed that you can send them off!


Whoa. More beautiful than Nancy Bush's version, dare I say it.

Diane E.

I'm still here. How could she not like the socks?!! I'm knitting the Friday Harbor socks out of the same book. I'll post soon. Just came back from 4 beatiful days at Squam Lake. I want to move there!!



Today is Monday Monday April 16, and I am in Florida and I am working on my socks. I lost my book. CAN ANYONE PLEASE EMAIL ME THE CLOCK PATTERN PART. THE BODY OF THE SOCK. I LEFT MY BOOK AT HOME.

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