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The quilt is simply beautiful Terry. An heirloom she'll treasure!


And she'd do well to understand that simple truth. It's a beautiful quilt (love the orange!) and will keep her warm and feeling well-loved.


Wonderful quilt, Theresa!! Those longarm quilting machines are responsible for lots of put-aside quilt tops to finally see the light of day as actual quilts.
Now for the encores! (There are two more daughters, right?)


Bright pink and orange and blues, who woulda thunk it? It certainly works. Beautiful quilt. I'm sure Gillian is thrilled to show it off.


Gorgeous! I'm loving quilts more and more these days.


The quilt is beautiful.

Did you know that there is a fabulous quilt shop about 20 minutes from me? http://www.calicofabric.com/

Ever the enabler.... ;-)


All right. I'd let loose with a string of expletives about you being a TOTAL SLACKER for making her wait so long. But it's so beautiful, I won't. But geez, woman. Really. ;-D


That's lovely - nothing at all wrong with doing the part you love, knowing yourself well enough to allow yourself only the pleasure of doing what you love without the pain of what you don't, and letting someone else do some of the tedium of finishing. The important thing is that your daughter has it.


It's beautiful and the color combination is striking. I enjoy the whole process myself and especially the machine-quilting part. But you did well to have it done and finished. As my quilt teacher told us, done is better than perfect, sort of the same thing as Cassie said.


Yes, finished is good. After all, you should spend your time doing the things you enjoy doing and, if you can, let someone else do the rest. And the colors are gorgeous. Makes me think about getting back into quilting.


The quilt looks fantastic. The colors really jump out at you. I too love piecing quilts together, but I dread the actualy quilting. I've had one sitting in my bedroom half quilted for nearly two years now.


Wow, very nice! The colors are just beautiful Teresa!


Gorgeous! I thought I was the only one who loved orange and blue or purple together! Makes me want to get back to quilting...I owe my grandson a quilt like the one I made his Utah cousin!


I had no idea you quilted! BEAUTIFUL!


gorgeous - so, when one does want to send out a quilt to be quilted, how do you find some place? my mom makes quilts that are beautiful and she loves the piecing, but the quilting part ... feh, not so much.


That is so beautiful!!! It was worth all the effort - just beautiful!


Gillian's quilt is spectacular! I absolutely love the colors. I have sent the last several quilts that I have made to a friend to long arm quilt and I have been pleased with the results. It is less stress for me, the results are beautiful, and my friend gets business. It's a win-win!

Lisa D.

Your daughter did a really great job picking fabrics, and you did a wonderful job on her quilt. It looks awesome. I've also discovered it very freeing to leave the quilting part of it to the professionals. I don't enjoy doing that anyway, so why not send it out? I say go for it!


Just gorgeous, Terri! Gillian will be so proud to have that as the focus of her dorm room!
And I SO agree with you. I am exactly the same. I love to piece a quilt. Quilting it? Not so much. I, too, found a reliable quilter and she gets the job. Works for me!


Holy cow! That is seriously gorgeous, congratulations! I think we have to put this quilt in the "well worth the wait" category.

I also second Anne's question: Where does one send off to have this done? Must know, please tell? Pleeeeeease?


Wow--that's a gorgeous quilt!
You can do that AND knit fabulous shawls?


it took me 8 years to make my quilt. it's 64" square, and i was going to farm out the machine quilting part, but the sewer forgot the appt. so, i did it myself! (it was a challenge, as my machine is standard, not long-armed enough) i've had quilts on the brain ever since.
the oranges/blues are wonderfully vibrant. my favorite place to shop for quilt fabrics is www.maryjos.com (mary jo's fabric store) in gastonia, nc, just off of I-85. i can spend hours in there!
gee, do i knit or sew?


Fabulous! I know nothing of quilting other than the chaos of it would make me insane. You must be thrilled to scratch that off your project list, and get the great-mother-award!


The quilt is so bright and beautiful!


What a very cool quilt! Great job. Years ago I took a Quilt in a Day class. It was sooo much fun...plus I have a purple & blue Quilt to show from it!

julia fc

I mean: you said "a quilt " and I was thinking wedding circles or something with diamonds, but you didn't say "A Quilt that Rocks!"

How does so much talent fit in that little body?


Wow! I was led here by Jan of Bemused. Your quilt is fantastic! I love the color combination and the story. I must look into sending quilts out to be quilted as I love the piecing part but the quilting is always so daunting to me.



What a fantastic quilt! Gillian did a wonderful job of picking out such vibrant colors and a pattern that complements them. Your work is awesome.


Fab quilt!!!!!Thanks to Jan of Be*mused I found another great blog!! And your friend is soo right..finished is good!! Also keeps the long-armers in biz..
( ahem....I'm a long-armer too...just starting out)...but always glad to see them finished!! Yeay for you and your daughter!!!


p.s If anyone is interested in LONG ARM QUILTING SERVICES please feel free to contact me!!I have examples on the web.. click on my name for blog and links...plus I'm learning to knit!!! again...!new yarns very seductive........


It's so beautiful -- I also love the blues with the oranges! Congratulations -- she will always treasure it.


Thanks go to Jan for introducing me to your Blog - what a beautiful quilt - love the colours - and I love your knitting too!

I'd love to come back and chat.


The quilt is so beautiful! Lovely colors...and wonderful work : )


its wonderful, good on you for finishing

Christine in Los Angeles

I love that color-combination; any time my DD brings flowers to me (b'day, cheering-up-needed, they're blue/orange ... just makes the room sing, and that's always a good thing.
You and the quilter each did the part you enjoy ... so what's a two-year wait? Good for the soul.
God bless.

Christine in Los Angeles

I love that color-combination; any time my DD brings flowers to me (b'day, cheering-up-needed, they're blue/orange ... just makes the room sing, and that's always a good thing.
You and the quilter each did the part you enjoy ... so what's a two-year wait? Good for the soul.
God bless.


Terry, it is gorgeous!! well worth the wait


Gorgeous! I, too, love to piece a quilt but hate to do the top sewing. I found a woman who has one of those long-arm machines in her garage. How she managed to wrestle the garage from her husband (it was his workshop) is a mystery. Frankly, I think the quality of the topstitching on those machines is far superior to what I could do on my little one here. And it was fun picking out a design for her to stitch!

You've inspired me to piece a quilt for Liv's bed. :)


It's just gorgeous. I love the color combination- so bright and cheery. I'm so intrigued with quilting, but I (A) don't have the time, and (B) have zero sewing skills. I guess that means I'm destined to just enjoy other's quilts- like yours! :)


Love it. I'm with you on the quilting part. I have a top, wadding and backing all sitting in a bag waiting to go. They've been there over 5 years! I only wish the quilt was even a quarter as nice as Gillian's!


Wow. My Mom loves Gillians also--she lives near Portsmouth, in Lee. Maybe next time I visit Mom we will take a trip...


I love the colors in your quilt... much better than the one they showed with the pattern. What a wonderful gift for college.

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