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How frustrating!!! I too have suffered from SSS. Recently I started learning how to knit 2 socks at once on 2 circs, and I think it just may be the cure.


Is the one on the left trekking? I love it. And the koigu one is not so shabby itself! :) I am all for wearing unmatched socks. Why do we have to conform to a matching standard? Go ahead and wear them like that. The DO match. And they are both beautiful.
To combat SSS, I cast on immediately for the 2nd one. I do not even pause to admire the first. Then I get this attitude, you know, "I'll just finish the cuff. Oh, I'm almost at the heel" And then once you are past the heel, you steam ahead to get a matching pair. Even though having a matching pair is not all it's cracked up to be!


Okay, here's the thing, Ms. OCD: I just finished my second big, fat sock. And as I was knitting it, it looked almost an inch narrower. AN INCH NARROWER. And as I was knitting it, I just knitted it by counting the rows and matching them. It did not look like it matched. I have found out, through knitting mittens in the past, and the lace socks I made in the past, that on the needles it is NOT GOING TO SEEM like it's the same gauge. But when it's off the needles and you put them on your feet, they match exactly. So stop it. I cannot believe your gauge varies that much from one knit to the next. Just match the stitches and the rows by numbers, and I think you will end up with two exactly matching socks.

If not, the next time I see you, I might have to slap you, and that would not be pretty. Two women fist-fighting. What are we, trash? So come off it and get going on those damn socks. Stop obsessing NOW!

P.S. They're JUST SOCKS. Cripe. :-D


I am soooo bad at starting that second sock, so I am right there with you.....LOL.

Hang in there....once they are worn and washed, you will probably never notice the differences.


I LOVE the colors of both socks! Gorgeous!


What Norma said.
What Sandy said.
Just do it!


Go Norma! T. just where the pair as they are...oh, no! That would be impossible for you...we'll knitting a second sock seems impossible to you. Just do what Norma says.


I'm in recovery from SSS. From now on, I do all of my socks two at a time. I've had the same problem with difficulty in replicating my gauge after a long break, and its really frustrating!

Quilting? Why not!


I am only just nearing the completion of the second sock of my second pair (not that I haven't tried a few in between, but that's another story...). I am happy that the patterns I chose for both pair were patterned and I take my cue for the second sock straight from the first -- row gauge be damned. If I knit the foot for 6 repeats before starting the toe on the first, that's what I'm doing on the second and I TRUST that it will all work out -- my tension and gauge cannot vary THAT much from sock to sock and I don't think yours would, either. But my wisdom is from a sock well about as deep as Norma's, so you might want to consult with someone more expert... ; )


I like the pair in the picture the way they are! That trekking really is beautiful!

Personally, I say forget these two socks (and their half mates) and start some new SOCKS THAT ROCK!

I know. I'm such a troublemaker. ;-)


I'm a recovering sss addict. I have a sock drawer with lotsa little orphan socks and i wear them and pretend they are a pair. Love the yarn for that left sock---is it Trekking?


I am so terrified of SSS -- because I KNOW how susceptible I would be -- that I do the two-at-a-time on their own sets of needles thing. Toe on one, toe on the other, foot on one, foot on the other. And I never start a second pair before finishing the WIP. I have no idea why these rules help with socks when I break every other rule I make for myself. And I have a new ball of Trekking -- in blue -- wiggling around on the couch trying to get my attention...


Have you seen Meilenweit Mega Boot Stretch (color #704) I think it's right up your alley....


LALALALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU (are my socks gonna do that too??)

julia fc

I find it amusing that you define SSS an an inability to reprodeuce the first sock. You, with your stitch by stitch self-loathing. I think of SSS as more an inability to START the second sock. That's the difference between us. That, and eight inches. And you live in New Hampshire. And you have teenage daughters. But the SSS is the real kicker.


Oh yes...I have a basket of single socks. I too have SSS!


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