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Let's see - the yarn is gorgeous, the socks are beautiful and so totally you and I love the knitted angel! Looks like it would be too fussy for me to do but I do really like it!


The angel is so sweet! I may just have to start looking over those back issues of Knitters.... ;)


I had to make two Rogues to get it out of my system. Just sayin'.


it was my pleasure to be your pal!


Wow! Seriously lovely socks Shobhana (love the name too) knitted for you! Please do share the pattern. I'm in love with the seed stitch toes.


hang on... I just reread that. I was stuck on the name Shobhana... I see that Lindsey knit you the socks. Lindsey is a beautiful name, too.

*foot in mouth* ;)


The knitted angel is lovely -- and the tiny cake -- what a perfect touch!


Ah, the angel with the cake (hey, is that... wait for it... ANGEL CAKE?), that is so cute!


I have one of the lovely little angels that someone made for me. What a nice gift (all those fiddley bits!)
The socks are gorgeous and the pattern looks fun. Lucky you!


Oh. Pretty presents. I especially love that yarn. BTW--I have started the gingham sweater kit that I bought from you last spring. I love, love, love it! Thanks again for destashing.

barb (a.k.a. love.leigh.knitz)

i just came upon Knitting the Blues and thoroughly enjoyed perusing through your posts. what a talented knitter you are! i learned to knit a little over a year ago, and have quickly developed arthritis in my right hand, as not a day goes by that i can't be found knitting, stitching, beading, crocheting... it's creative madness, and i LOVE it! right now i'm busy making items for a fundraiser to be held later this month... raising $ to help support the Katrina/Rita relief effort. if you have time, please stop by and check out my blog at www.loveleighknitz.blogspot.com.


Ooohhh......what fabulous socks!!! Please do share with us the name of the pattern when you find out.....they are sooo pretty!!!


great socks, and your blue angel is a perfect gift :-)


Lovely gifts (I especially love the socks). See you at Rhinebeck in just 9 days!


Wow! You have been really churning out some pretty awsome stuff latey! and of course the blues are my favorite so they are especially appealing!! How do you do it? Do you work?! (that is a loaded question, I am asking merely because I am trying to figure out how I can get more stuff done!) I think your Rogue looks great and Charlotte is just too gorgeous for words.

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