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It seems hard to imagine something being too small for a person as petite as yourself. At first glance, it could work. Ultimately, it depends on how much ease you personally prefer... As always, your knitting and cables are gorgeous!


I'm a little concerned about the size of my current project too. However, mine is ribbed and cabled and really *should* change quite a bit in the blocking. I'd say if you're really worried.... well... maybe you should follow your instincts? I'm the wrong person to weigh in on sweaters, though.


If you want a well fitted garment then keep it. If you're going to wear something under it, well....


Block it baby! I think it's looking great!


I agree with everyone else - if you want it to fit without ease, you're golden. And it will bloom some with the blocking. Would it fit one of your daughter's if it's too small for you? I can't imagine how tiny it actually is because you're so petite!


Agree with Margene, as usual. If you want it really fitted, go with it. I think that you will end up making it bigger.


Fitted seems to be the fashion these days, but I agree that it depends if you want to wear something underneath it or not.


Will it stretch? Do you think? I think it Looks fabulously blue. But you must be happy with it. Must.


It looks fine if it's a corset. But that's just from my perspective.


I think it looks great. Wool usually expands anyway, right?

Mary Beth

OK - how did the gauge work out, both on the swatch, and then on the sweater? I'm having a similar concern right now, but I know my washed swatch was OK, so I'm thinking that with blocking I will get some added room. I've worked with my yarn in the past, and I know it becomes like clay when wet, further calming my worries. So, go with your instinct, but don't ignore the numbers. Would love to hear more about how this works out!



Why not block what you have up to this point so you know exactly what you're dealing with before proceeding any further. This way, you can decide to rip or continue. :-)

I think it could still work if you wear it open with a T-shirt underneath. ;-)

Gorgeous blue! Gorgeous cables!


Bummer!! I bet with some hard blocking it will be fine, but will it be comfortable?

Diane E.

Ditto, ditto, what will you wear under it? Did you do the twisted rib? Nice color!


If it was mine and for me, I would start over and make it larger because I prefer a fair amount of ease. So, it depends on how you like to wear 'em. I think it "looks" fine, and you could definitely stretch it out a bit when you block it.


I think between blocking and blooming, you're going to be fine. Unless, of course, you were planning to wear about 5 other sweaters under it. Hee. No, I think it's close, but definitely on the side of fitted versus too small.

That blue is gorgeous, btw.

Other Julia

By the time you get the icord edge and zipper in that thing and then block it, you should be fine. I thought the last 3 sweaters I made were coming out too small until I seamed and blocked them and they were fine. Worst case: if it doesn't fit, you give it to your smaller sister. And then start another one with a lot more confidence. Live dangerously.


Woohoo...another Rogue(blue of course). Can't wait to see it finished!


Well, everyone seems to have covered the bases on the Rogue fit, so I'll just comment on the great color and nice cable work!

My 2 cents anyway - blocking and blooming should do it as long a you like a little fit.

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