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I switched to Magic Loop because I hate ladders, too. But I think you're idea of twisting that first stitch is a good one - I'm going to try it next time I use the dpns. Happy Halloween!


Terry, I love the socks, and don't get me wrong, but I'm starting to question your sanity. I hope this is not un-PC, but seriously: You put THAT MUCH ANGST into a pair of socks??? I'm sooooooo NOT there.

Have a stiff martini. I think you need it. Better yet, I'll buy you one. :-D

P.S. How do you like my finesse? "I'm saying this in the nicest possible way - YOU'RE NUTS!" Nobody ever said I had tact. Hee.


Your socks are great as always! To avoid ladders, I usually just swap the first and/or last stitch or two. I like dpns better than the circulars.


Your socks are so lovely! They look like the ocean in Hawaii :) Thanks for being part of the Socktoberfest knitalong!!

Mary Beth

They are so pretty! Nothing like Trekking, so I hear, I have a ball and now am motivated to cast on!


I've been using a 5x1 or a 7x1 rib for the Trekking. Hides the purl stitch and no errant-looking knit stitches. I have to say, though, that just the act of wearing the socks and stretching them around a leg makes them ALL look wonky no matter what you do to avoid the loose stitches. I blame it on the stretch, not the knitter. :)


I thought I was a bit *fussy*, but YOU WIN!!! The socks look great though. I have some Trekking in the stash. I think I'll have to pull it out for the next pair.


What nice socks.......although, I am with Norma...hehe! You expound a lot of energy worrying about those ladders....LOL.


I admire your tenacity to have things "just so". It's why everything you knit is so beautiful and special. Great socks & perfect color!


Hmmm, only NORma can get away with that, eh? I use 5 needles are rarely have ladders. But I guess if what you do makes you happy...it's all good.


BEAUTIFUL socks. I even think I just bought that colorway in NYC. Yowzer! You are such an excellent knitter. You out OCD me, the original OCDer!


Terry, they look great! I love 'em! Nuts or no nuts, you've got me thinking King Tut with your little sock-knitting ditty.

Other Julia

Nice socks! I swear I haven't seen any Trekking that didn't look fab, but man, that blue...! Gotta get me some.


Very nice! I hate ladders too. I just pull the first and second stitches tight and then let the washing machine take of anything else that looks wonky. Plus if I think they might look wonky I admire them without my glasses and they look wonderful. :)


I am a big Trekking fan too. Love their yarn. I have no idea what you're talking about with the wonky stitches ---- they look fine - no, great, they look great - to me!


I am a big Trekking fan too. Love their yarn. I have no idea what you're talking about with the wonky stitches ---- they look fine - no, great, they look great - to me!


You are overly critical---they look great!


The socks are great - and if you love them, who cares if you are twisted, er, twist your stitches or not... lol. Kidding. Everybody has their little thing they do or thing they can't stand. I can't stand wonky ribbing either.


Hot Socks! Makes me want to give you a foot massage when I get back from PA

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