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julia fc

It was me! I said you were a natural: and I'll lend you the wheel to prove it to you.
I'll bring it next Tuesday: all you have to say is yes.


It was so freaking fantastic to meet you!!!! I'm glad you got home okay and I got to hang out a bit. Thanks for the hugs!

Oh and say YES!


I'm so glad I finally got to meet you! And no, you don't look like Madame Tussaud.

You'll love spinning. Did you order a Robin wheel? My Robin wheel is in the works.

Wait till November. We'll enable you some more. ;-)


Ah ha! Another spinner enters the fold? Take Julia up on her offer and try out the wheel at home. You will love it!
So, are you going to Willow Books tonight? It would be great to see you again.


It was fun to meet you in person! I agree......take Julia up on her offer. You took to spinning quicker than anyone I have seen yet ;-))


I feel it in my bones that you're a natural spinner! And I know you will love it. I thought I would be, but so far not so much. Today I'm going to see if I can bond with my wheel. I gotta spin up that red for mittens, ya know. It was wonderful to hang with you, and thank you for helping me to confirm that I WILL use my spice Green Mt. Mohair for my Rogue. Yes! That feels good -- to get that decision off my chest and to have a use for my stash planned. Thanks for doing all that running around for food Saturday and all the other wonderful things you did! Ohh, a million things. So glad you came, and so glad you stayed an extra night.


I've got photographic evidence! I snapped a quick photo while you were trying out the wheel. Will try to get to post it tonight. Thanks again for chauffeur service, walking the booths with me and just plain hanging out fun. It was fantastic to get to know you in real time.


I heard from someone later on that Kim had taught you to spin. I was so happy for you. It was great to see you again throughout the weekend.


So this is why you resisted the spindle: to hold off for a wheel! xoxo


It's dangerous to sit down at a wheel at those festivals, I tell you. I managed to not walk away with the one I fell in love with (a Fricke double-treadle), but I've been dreaming about it ever since!


Wheel. Yes. You'll love it. Bwah-ha-ha!!!!
It was fun to see you, albeit briefly!


Oh, oh...they got you!


Well, I have to admit that despite your presence at Rhinebeck, I did get my share of blue fiber-products. The Robin wheel is a wonderful one to get seduced by...and if Julia says you are a natural, then you have no choice but to go forward with that. It was so good to spend some time with you...I agree, not enough, and it WAS a thoroughly overwhelming experience.


It was great meeting you at the festival! I agree, it was a whirlwind of a time. Glad you enjoyed yourself.


The Koolaid is very tasty.



yes, Terry, drink, drink.


Not enough time! It was wonderful to meet you, Terry! I definitely think you could find a flavor of Kool-aid that's perfect for you. ; )


Terry, it was great to meet you at long last ---- love your line about drinking the KoolAid.

resistance is futile.


it was lovely meeting you :-) i have 2 more years to go til i get my robin...


I just LOVE the photo yarn, and it should definitely be called Theresa's sunset fiber! It means a lot to me that way!

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