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I *knew* you wouldn't be able to leave those socks alone! But they do look better, I must admit it. And the advent calendar is neat, thanks for the link. I'll be back for the contest because I love prizes! And happy almost birthday!


They look incredible! Short row toes? Now this is something I need to learn!


Yay socks. Boy do they look good. That was time well invested.


They look great! I would have done the same thing.


Yea! Those look fabulous ;)


They are perfect. Good work!


It finally happened. I hit a snag with the STR. On the blog today.

YOUR socks look GREAT! Even though I think I would've kept the bottoms different - they look perfect! And what a comeback!!!!! That pooling picture was truly awful. I'm glad the pattern, the yarn and the sock was saved. Great gift! I'm sure your sister loves them.



You need to teach me the short-row heel. I do prefer that look. And I must admit, although I was dead-set against changing those toes, they do look better this way. They're beautiful!


I don't know how you do it but you do...over and over. You da grrl with the most perfectest knittin' around.


Aren't you clever! They are just lovely and yes, that short row thing you do, it averted a major disaster. Great job!


When I saw all that pink, I wondered if I'd clicked on the right link! They are beautiful socks! Someday I'll get brave and try them - after everyone has conquered the fit issues and I can just copy what they do. BTW, I love your pooling fix!


Pretty in pink! I'm way too lazy to make mine as perfect as yours. The extra work was worth it.


Wonderful solution! They're lovely. :)


So glad it worked out. All that pink was starting to confuse me - I wasn't sure I was at the right place. ;-)


Those pink socks make me want cotton candy! Great job!


Very cute! I love the perfect striping, pretty darn amazing, if you ask me. Would you like them to be in the gallery?


Your Jaywalkers look fantastic! Phenomenal job there!


Wow, I just finished Jaywalkers in the same colourway as well... and ran out at the end!

Yours look great :)

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