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So, you wrote in the comments on the CIT site that you didn't use a tubular cast-on for your [very gorgeous] swatches. Which cast-on *did* you use? TIA.


I comment all the time so I'm not de-lurking but just saying, "hello again." And I've always LOVED that button but agree that Ann couldn't possibly be that cranky. Nor could you.


ha ha! Too funny. I lurk all the time around blog land...of course always landing on my favourite sock pals blog!

Beth S.

Oh, okay, I'll bite. :-)


I think you hear *more* than plenty from me.



I'm guilty of lurking - love your knitting


Ha! I comment all the time, but nothing brings us out of their shell like the lure of free yarn. Gawd we are pathetic! Remember, you went away for a few days at holiday time, I'm just sayin', sometimes we get our feelings hurt.



Hi there! I'm not a good commenter, I admit. I'm sorry!


I'm still sore that I missed out on the Naturwolle kit ;-)


I've read your blog for a while now and do not comment often. But I DO enjoy reading.


Okay, you got me. I lurk everywhere in blogland and virtually never post. Your excessive swatching is inspiring as I will do anything to avoid kntting a swatch.


I think I've commented once or twice before - I'm trying to reform my lurking ways here and everywhere. But I've been reading you a while, even though I only recently started a smattering of comments.


i've been lurking lately -- although i have commented upon occasion.

so i'm de-lurking!



You remember when we went yarn shopping and you bought all that red yarn, and then remembered that you didn't like red yarn, and so you gave it to me, but I don't really like red yarn either, and so we went downtown and decided the streets were so drab amd wouldn't they look oh so much better with all that red yarn, and so we ran around like idiots, stringing the yarn all over the light posts and parking meters, only we got it crossed over the street and then that motorcycle cop rode by and didn't see the yarn and he got caught in it and man did we run to get away from there, only we had the yarn in our bags and as we ran we left a trail and they caught us by following the yarn? You don't remember that? Wow, neither do I.


I'm sitting here waiting for the 220 swatch. And whatever other surprises you have in store.

Mary Lou

I love reading all of your blogs but I'm not that good on computers so I don't usually post a comment...I'm not a lurker, just a newbie to the world of blogging.


Hello. Long-time lurker here. Thanks for inspiring me with your knitting. I had to buy Trekking XXL color 104 just because I fell in love with it after seeing it on your site.


I don't often comment when someone else has said what I was going to say. Maybe I should throw in a me too now and then.
I do want to say I have enjoyed your swatchitis. Do you swatch multiple swatches for every sweater? I look forward to watching you knit the sweater. Yes, that's a hint for lots of updates.


I'm not really delurking, I've commented before! :)


I love to lurk, and only sometimes comment. Hey, I'm the blogless Carla who won your birthday prize but so far no prize, do you need more info from me?


Hardly a lurker, Terry but I'm saying Hi nonetheless....I have the button over a Chez FKD too (hint hint)


I'm not really delurking either but I thought I would say hey. Hey! :)


I've been lurking since I met you at Rhinebeck (I'm the older sister of Kris Crafts).


In honor of de-lurking week, I'll try to comment on all the blogs I read.

Damn, will that leave me any time to knit?


I am a long-time lurker, but not much of a commenter. Well, that's not exactly true...I comment all the time...to the computer screen but not in type...which makes those around me think I'm nuts...but I'm not...honest.


my name is Jodee and I am a lurker - wow feels good to get that off my chest.


Hi, I'm a regular reader who wishes blogs came with a little box I could check that would be the equivalent of waving across a crowded room.

Lurker Dena

Hey, Terry: Looking forward to seeing which yarn you use for the Aran sweater! Hopefully, I'll be inspired to get going (still waiting for the book).


De-lurking to say hi and I enjoy your blog. If I knew how to get the button from your blog to mine, I would, but I haven't a clue. Happy Knitting!
Sheri in GA


Who loves ya, baby? I never lurk when it comes to the blooooooes. *mwwwahhhh*


I love getting comments on my blog, so don't ask me why I don't comment on others more often - lazy, I guess. But anyway, hello! Your on my bloglines so I read you whenever you post, and I will try to be more commentatious. (new made-up word there)


KRULED -- that's the opposite of delurk, in case you didn't get it. Maybe this means I should go into hiding? Lurk more often.


Yep, I'm a lurker. That's me. :)

Here I am, showing myself. I LOVE blue. :D


I try not to comment if I don't have anything useful to say because I know most of you try to respond to all your comments! What a task that must be! So consider me de-lurked!


Consider me de-lurked.

But please don't pick me for sock yarn. Yikes, I have too much as it is! :-)


actually Teresa, as I am watching my toes pop out of the tops of my STR/Jaywalkers, I am getting a tad bit testy ........


Okay, okay, admitting to lurking, here...
I've been reading & not commenting for a loooong time - so, I'll tell you now how much I enjoy your blog.
Love to see your swatching - I ALWAYS have to multi-swatch on a project - mostly because I knit so loosely that I have to *start* with needles 2 sizes down from the pattern. (example - ask me how many times I've knit the left half of the collar for Eris... now ask me if I think I will ever have a completed Eris... I wonder if an afghan could be made out of all these half-Eris-collars?)


Not a lurker, but stopped by to say hi! ;)


Hi Teresa,

I'm delurking, I enjoy your blog, especially your great photos - they are so crisp and clear. I'm also a big fan of blue, so love to see your latest work.



Just another lurker stopping in to say Hi!


Ha! I've been lurking on your blog and you've been lurking on mine. Who knew?


OK, time to de-lurk then!


A bribe -- ahem, a contest! -- is always a good ploy for getting comments :) I'm guessing the sock yarn will likely be blue, huh?


I read your blog just about every day but I don't think I've commented yet. No longer!

Thank you for taking the time to publish your blog!


potential for sock yarn? alright, alright, twist my arm a little more...


I'm guilty as charged on the lurking front. I love your blog and will try to let you know more often.


Guilty! I read your blog, and, as of late and very jealous of your expertise with being able to translate the Am Kamin Japanese pattern instructions. It was on your blog that I first saw this pattern. I, too, love the sweater, bought the book, but am still struggling with making sense of it all. I really appreciate your efforts and expect I'll keep lurking in hopes of learning from you!


I forgot, you are as color matching obsessed as I!! I'm not alone in the world. I sure wish my husband had told me to relax over it. But I wouldn't have listened anyway! BTW, I will have only 1 color left to knit the collar, with all the cutting I've done I am reduced to green remainders. Good thing I like green!


You know, if you knit enough swatches, you'll have a lovely knitted quilt to piece together.

Like that cranky de-lurking button, too. Ha ha!


I'm all de-lurked now. Oh, and I seem to have caught the Blues from you as well. Two of my three current projects are blue. Who knew blue could be this fun? =)

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