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What about the undergarments? Hey, listen, that new modest swimwear comes in blue. I think you need one. :P

julia fc

Is the kitchen blue yet?
I didn't know about the teapots! Very cute.


I wonder who's going to try and sell those new Chibi's as a "rare" set! I love the clogs, my favorite footwear. Wait, I don't have a pair in blue. Time to go shopping.


OK! So you paraded your blue sheep teapot in front of us - now you have to share from whence it came so we can join in the fun! I would have been disappointed had you not used blue for "B"!


Where on earth did you find the blue chibi?


But really, what we want to know is--how do you feel about the color Blue??? (grin)


Rhapsody in Blue! =) I like your cataloguing of "B".


Oh, I love that blue teapot with the snowman on it. You know I collect snowmen, right? So, ummm, can I have it? Hmmmm?


Love it! Where did you get those clogs? Must get me some!


Yeah, ok. I'm waiting to see what you do for the letter "o".


Love the socks - now I know what I want to make with my Azurite STR!


Predictably Beautiful! I want the clogs, too!


ha! i posted blue shoes for B too!

actually i thought of you when i decided to post about my shoes.


I love all those blues, especially the blue socks! That is the perfect pattern for that yarn.


Love that snowman teapot and of course the sheep one. Great photos for "Blue". Care to share?


Nope, didn't doubt for one second. Just wondered when you would cough up. The sheep teapot is great. But then so is rogue...the socks...etc....etc...


A great B entry... I love the teapots, all of them, and the socks best, but just might have to make my next pair of clogs blue.


are those blue suede shoes?

great pictures for a great letter - the variety shows how much blue is part of your everyday! (I've had blueberry tea but can't remember if it was blue in color...)

Elizabeth H.

Blue Chibi? Blue Sheep teapot? Please share where!


The collection of blue yarns would make a pretty postcard.


Lots of blue things at your house. Pretty! So, what is your favorite color anyway? ;)




I should probably know this, but what pattern are those socks? I really really love them, and I have some semi-solid hand dyed sock yarn that needs a purpose.....


Ah, never mind! I found them in your photo album!


Ooooh, I love your blues! And I had no idea that Chibi was getting so creative!


How fun is this! I love all of your blues!


What the hell? Blue Chibis now? I just finally found some orange ones and thought I was pretty special, too. Now there are blue ones? I'm going to have to give up knitting to devote myself to finding all these latest, greatest accessories. Maybe I can be the first to locate the purple one.

And when I first heard of the ABC along I said gee, I bet I know what Teresa will be posting on B day. ;)


You know, I would never answer "Blue" to "What your favorite color?" I sure love it when I come here, though.

Love all your collections, Terri! I am very, very good at helping people add to their collections, too, and I believe my mom is a lot like yours. Good grief, how many pot-head-little-girl-planters-holding-umbrellas does one person need? (The answer: one in every color.)

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