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I love them! Isn't that picot edge nice? And I'm a huge fan of the short row heel. It was the first one I ever did on a pair of socks back in '97. I've never even tried the other kind of heel. :)


Watch out world, she's branching outside of the blue world into other colors now!


Pretty! You zipped through this pair! Are your needles smoking?


Your socks are great! The picot edge looks wonderful. I look forward to trying that yarn.


FABULOUS! (Shh. Don't tell anyone. I put an order in for the yarn the other day.)


You must have tiny feet--I am knitting STR on size 0's--and I have 72 stitches--and that is snug on my narrow feet! (Or maybe I am knitting a big tight? ;)
I love that colorway, and the picot edge.


Awesome socks. I'm happy you've found a new love. Will you start hoarding it like Koigu? I may need to stock up.


Is "ickily" a word.....hehe! I LOVE the socks and wow, you cranked those out in no time!!


They're so gorgeous! Enjoy wearing them.

Diane E.

Hey, sweet socks, tres jolie colour, but 0's, EEK! I'm working on 2's, getting by.


They're beautiful! Great job.


Now that Claudia has the fancy sock bug you're knitting the good ol' standard. They look fab! So, what's next?


Oh, they're adorable! Zeroes, huh? and 56 stitches? Holy Mini-Feet, Batman!


So, I guess this means you are happy with them.



Very pretty!


Well, since you are no longer going to wear any other socks, you know who you can send the Koigu ones to :-)

They are really pretty. I love the color. Looking at the wesite I would never give a second glance to that color...but now I may have to order some.


Love them!! I wouldn't take them off either.


Beautiful socks Terry! Perfection in simplicity :)

julia fcj

I'm so gratified to see that yarn knit as a no-nonsense sock. It's everything I'd hoped. Thanks for scratching my itch.


they are beautiful! The striping couldn't have come out any better - and it looks better then I can imagine icky pooling. (the colors, they are in the same family as blues, yes?)

(I am going to defer my comments about socks that rock yarn - all this talk of how lovely STR is doesn't help me. I have enough sock yarn. I don't have the funds for the club. I will ignore how great it is until I get my next living disbursement comes in. Because living = sock yarn. Really.)


How pretty are those?! The stripes came perfectly and I love the picot edge! i can see why you never want to take them off.


Wow! Those are fantastic! I really have to learn how to make socks! I love them!


Cute little socks


These socks do look so eminently wearable; good thing they will match so much of your wardrobe:)

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