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You're not horrible at this! That was a DElightful post!


Not only are your daughters delightful, they are darling too -- what beauties!


Funny - it seems lots of people either have a bunch of girls or a bunch of boys (4 of those for me!). Your girls are just beautiful!!


I always love to see photos of your girls! They are so lovely!


Beautiful daughters!


Thanks for sharing your daughters! They are gorgeous!


Our uteruses (uteri?) must have gotten switched....with every one of my pregnancies, I was convinced I was carrying a girl. Nope. Three boys. Boys do carry grudges, just so you know. And there were times when we threatened to do some braiding on the hair! Your daughters are gorgeous!


I love reading your posts about your daughters b/c it gives me a glimpse of the days ahead with my own. ;) They are lucky to have you for a mom!


Well, I have five boys. By the time I was pregnant for the fourth time, I knew it wasn't going to be a girl. Didn't even pick out girl names for the fourth and fifth. I can't imagine daughters any more. I can't imagine Barbies, makeup, pink anything. Braids I might be able to manage - one has long hair. But I wouldn't trade my garage full of car parts, hockey gear, computer leftovers, and my weekly food bill that looks like the national debt (21 gallons of milk, 7 gallons orange juice, 8 loaves of bread, 10 boxes of cereal, four dozen eggs...you get the picture) for anything. They are a joy and a delight, and have been wonderful, especially through the last four (difficult) years of my life. I love them dearly.


After two boys, I was certain I couldn't produce girls. I spent the full nine months of my third pregnancy communing with the little boy inside of me. I was certainly delighted to get a girl after all, and don't get me wrong...I adore my daughter. But somewhere in the universe is a little boy I was supposed to have, and who I kind of miss. By the way...my eldest son has hair longer than mine...but he's never let me braid it. :)


I am a bit envious; my one daughter really rocks and we are very close, even now that she is 22 and on her own, and my sons are great, but I wouldn't have minded having more daughters... oh well. Thanks for sharing your cute girls with us.

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