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You are too funny. Can't wait to see the sweater and maybe obtaing the pattern. Wait, is it adult, child or man sized?


I can certainly relate! For me, its paying taxes for the first year with no child dependents in 27 years. Are you bidding on any blue sheep right now; don't want to be bidding against you.


Glad to hear you are o.k.! :) I can't wait to see the sweater pattern; please let me know when it's finished.


I was thinking about you last night! Glad to see you post. What do you think of those socks? I'm thinking of making them for my sock pal. Still trying to work out how many stitches though. They look nice! Sorry you're so busy - but that's better than sitting around, no? How's the injury? Are you all healed?


It's nice to know where you've been. I missed blue!!!
I wanna know the answers to all Cara's questions, too.


It is a wacky time of year, I think. Everyone is crazy busy. I just read your ghost-story comment over at Cara's, and must insist that you share the ouija story - just your set-up of it gave me the shivers.


I read your comment at Cara's, too, and must admit I'm intrigued. And a little freaked out, too.
I debated the STR club and ended up joining. I'm happy to have you live vicariously through my purchases.


Me likey!


Cute and clever entry. Wish I'd thought of it. ;-)


If you're really jonesing for that STR club colorway, I could be easily pursuaded to trade mine...


another voice clamoring for the stories!


I'll say you're getting stuff done! Wow, I love your moddy blues sock...gorgeous.


STAND BACK she has started to MOVE! Wondered when we would see some life over at this here blog. Hope all is well. BTW? Admiral Magpie x 10 skeins today on eBay. Mine.


Welcome back, nice to see ya!

Love thst sock, it looks so pretty in the varigated blue...good call :)

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