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Those are so pretty! Isn't today just gorgeous -- enjoy!


Beautiful socks, Terry! I can't wait to see your sock drawer full of BLUE socks too :)


I think I had a couple skeins of that color Koigu in my hands at the yarn shop the other day. I don't know how I managed to leave without it!


Pretty! I want a sock drawer chock full of hand knit socks too. I need to stop giving mine away!

Diane E.

Oohh, nice. I like the shape of the toes, a little more square than pointy. Just ordered some sock yarn, hope to start soon now that Birch is blocked!!!


Very pretty. I have Koigu in my stash, but haven't made socks with it yet.


Chocolate tea is the new crack.

Just sayin'.


Love your blue socks...I have never worked with Koigu, looks great!


Sorry to mess you up...I put all the past knits into yearly albums. Do you think it's better if the socks are seperate? Anyway, I am very happy to inspire as we all seem to do to each other on a regular basis. Koigu is fabulous and your socks are heavenly;-)


Ooh, lovely blue Koigu socks! I love the springy Koigu.

julia fc

Yeah! (that was fast by my calibration)


A very lovely shade of blue! Socks come and socks go, so don't worry about that sock drawer too much (altough the more you have to wear, the less often one will need mending).


what beautiful socks - the koigu colors look so subtle and soft. (I always feel satisfied after I finish a pair...seeing pictures of others finished socks is also strangely satisfying!)


Those are lovely socks. I can feel the softness, yes. Margene's knitting is inspiring. Her Seaweed, and Funnel sweater were EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL in person. So is she.

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