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They are gorgeous, 3 sets of sizes and all. In the event that I do keep notes on my knitting, the scrap of paper on which I wrote the note will surely be lost by the time I need it.


The socks look great. I am in the same boat you are, even when I have to keep trying new needles to get the right gauge or have to reknit a section over and over again, I am having a blast. Unlike many other aspects of life, yarn, for the most part is quite forgiving and will let you keep trying until you get it "right."


Beautiful socks! I totally agree with you, socks make me happy, too.


Love the socks - I didn't see this pattern on the Interweave site, but just downloaded it. Thanks!


I love them! Totally worth it! (Easy for me to say, right?!)


Terrific socks! I'm happy that you conquered the pooling!


Great socks!


Socks for sanity. No matter if they make you insane while you're knitting them! They look great and I say if OCD works for you (and me apparently) then GO FOR IT!!! ;-)


I think those are the prettiest socks I've ever seen. Everything about them is gorgeous, the color, the pattern! All your work was totally worth it!


They're perfect. I'm not good with notes either. For some reason, I always think I'll remember. Ha. Ha. Ha.


Those came out beautifully!


I think the socks look great--and as long as you're happy with them, what else matters??


Obviously, Continuously, Delightful.

Beth S.

Starting a sock multiple times is nothing new to me. I think my latest Jaywalker got started four or five times. I didn't like the way the kfb's looked--too loose, too tight--it took a while to get the tension just right, but now I love what I've got.

Your socks were worth the trouble. They're beyond fantastic.


You are getting more for your sock yarn money than the rest of us;-) They look fabulous but they looked great to me before. Do what works for you, what makes you happy and what keeps you sane. THAT's the Process part.


Those are really lovely socks. Worth every minute of the process.


Sounds good to me. They are beautiful! Great pattern, great colorway. Faster than I get socks done, y'know.


That's dedication - they're lovely!


Heh, ditto what Laurie said. They're lovely. I'm not even sure if I knit anymore, it's been so long..... sad, really.


Those socks are lovely!


You are so freakin' cute. I'll have you know that all my schooling in psychology would normally incline me to make OCD jokes, but it didn't even enter my mind until you mentioned it. What did enter my mind was your sheer dedication to getting something just right, just the way you want it. Perfection, if you will. That's not OCD at all. Rock on lady!!


BEAUTIFUL!!! These came out lovely! I absolutely love the yarn color!

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