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Did you order the Blue Moonstone from Toni? Beacause I ordered some from Tina for one of the Jaywalker contest winners and it came back looking nothing like the yarn on Toni's site and it had a different name. I called Tina for the what's up and she told me the picture and name on Toni's site is wrong. Oh well. I'm glad you love it - the sock looks terrific and I've missed you.

Oh yeah and I think way too much too. Thinking is totally overrated. ;-)


Now that's taking the sock yarn by the horns and telling it's who's boss. Friday Harbor is knit in a DK weight yarn and I used size 3 needles. It's a bugger if you don't get the errata just right. You made a better choice anyway...LOVE the blue. Glad you're back and don't stay away so long!


Like a lovely blue sky day with clouds - that's what your Socks That Rock remind me of. They're very peaceful. The color choice is amazing. On a separate note, I just posted my five places I have knit, too. It's a fun contest.


I'm so glad to see you posting! I was going to write to you today and see if you were o.k. :)

Will you be coming to Northampton on Saturday to see the Harlot?

And I love the socks! :)


interesting the number of people who knit pre-op...i bet its because its relaxing & takes you mind off things....

Beth S.

I like your sock so much that I'm now considering that pattern for my one precious skein of STR. :-)


Welcome back! The sock may not be as blue as expected but it's lovely and perfect for the pattern! Reminds me of the gentle foamy waves at the shore.


I would worry that they would lose the knitting somewhere in the hospital. I never take anything that means anything to me.

I like the color. Or the color approximation.


Those socks are turning out great! I was glad to get back home and learn that you won the teapot. Now, where is it you live?

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