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You and Shelly from My Mountain Home http://mymountainhome.typepad.com/my_mountain_home/
both are putting the rest of us to shame with your beautiful treks in nature! Thank you for sharing!

Diane E.

New Hampshire's a great state for hiking, endless trails, so many summits, and rewarding views. Remind me why we moved? At least it's just a long day trip. Terrific Trekking !!!


Beautiful scenery, beautiful socks! Glad to see you Terry!


You have gone above and beyond on the hiking. Awesome! It is such a wonderful thing, even if you didn't finish your socks (I didn't, either, yet).

I'm frustrated about Typepad and not centering, too! I tried to center my entire post with the bitchin' mittens photo, and the top 10 rundown, and it would be centered in the preview, but it posted uncentered. I've seen other TP users do it, why can't I????? Pisses me off. And why do things have to be so complicated? The whole button thing is sending me over the edge, too. They've now renamed them "widgets" -- cute name, Typepad -- but it works like CRAP and it won't work the old reliable way. GDITH.


You trekked harder than anyone else. Nice going. I enjoyed seeing the socks and you and your hike. It's good to have you back;-)


I'm so glad to see you blogging again! I haven't read any blogs in over 3 weeks, but yours was the first one I checked to see if you were back. :)

Jeffrey Hunter

Ah! How I miss New Hampshire! Do you actually hike in socks that you knit?


New Hampshire is some of the best hiking locations around. Great blog and great pictures.

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