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I would have expected nothing less of you, babe. You have my respect.

And, I know those stairs. After biking up the Auto Road, I was almost too lame to walk DOWN them.


Wow. That's determination! Me, I tend to be a bit wimpy. ;) I grew up in northern NH & never climbed Washington, can you believe it??


Teresa, you are awesome!!! I have a couple of foolish hikes in my past which gave me a heck of a challenge, and I know that incredible feeling of triumph when it's finally over. WTG!


That's kind of the way I hike, too. Part of me is afraid to slow down, afraid to stop for a rest, because I might not pick myself up and continue. I think I have learned the lessons now, though. You? At least pack a damn fleece and a hat and mittens next time, woman! And EAT! :)

julia fc

Make a blog button of that badge of honour, girl. You have Trekked and some!


That's fabulous. A real success story - be proud of yourself.


What a great story! I was cheering you on, wondering, "Did she do it? Did she??" I'm very impressed. Great read!


I was biting my nails till the finish! Way to go! I once did a hike in Glacier National Park here on the BC/Alberta border to the glacier. I never made it to the glacier. I pooped out but made myself get to a point where I could actually see the glacier! And those 75 year old men are everywhere! I remember a couple passed me too!


Wow. Good for you! I feel pooped just reading about it. That should tell you the shape I am in. :)


Let me tell you that post was worth the long summer wait! I'm so PROUD OF YOU! I would've had a pnic attack at like mile 2 and turned around and come back. Although I do know the singlemindedness you speak of - I have it too - it doesn't apply to outdoor activities.

WAY TO GO! And welcome back. For however long. I've missed you.


Hey grrlfriend, YOU HAVE TREKKED! Now go knit;-)


I lived in conway for a while and worked and Attitash/Bear peak. Your pictures were awesome and it reminded me how beautiful the area is. I think I am going to plan a vacation to there for next summer. Thanks for the great story.


so.incredibly.impressed. wow.

Oh, and Stella? Rockin' name for a bike!

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