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That shawl is AMAZING! I have yet to find time or the courage to make one, although my stash is full of lace yarn!


I love the shawl. I don't know what it is about paisley, but I also love the Fiddlesticks paisley shawl. I am shocked about the no-swatch on a sweater. It was definitely something I didn't know about you!


Exquisite shawl! I love the way the pictures are interspersed with the 10 things about you and your knitting.

No swatch, eh? You love tempting the fates, or perhaps you are working to punish yourself?


Oh my god I MISS YOU!!! I wish I could be like you. I've got the perfectionism thing down for sure, it's the swatching and mapping things out that I wish I liked more.

Hope to see you next week!!! L, C


You have shocked me over and over. The shawl is beautiful...you are a knitting tornado. I can't WAIT to meet you, see you, hug you!


Oh, that's gorgeous!
Blue, really? Who knew...
; )


Teresa, you are so smart to swatch a lot to determine the best yarn to use. But how do you do this? Do you buy one of each yarn for swatching? Or do you already have it in your stash? I still hate swatching, and I know my knitting suffers for it.


I love your shawl! Haven't seen too many of these around, and the photo in the mag isn't the clearest... now that I see, it's a wonderful pattern, and looks gorgeous in that blueberry color!


I knew that you love to swatch - I remember all your swatches at Claudia's last year. And the shawl is gorgeous. Don't you love the Zephyr?


No swatch? Sock with a heel flap? What, you feel like living dangerously like the rest of us?
Your shawl is just gorgeous. And such a lovely shade of...blue. Huh.


Beautiful shawl Teresa!

I wish I loved to swatch like you do...it would save me an awful lot of grief. #6 was pretty shocking.


oh my god, T. That shawl is freakin gorgeous! It almost makes me want to knit one...even though I never wear 'em.


BLUE?!@$%^^^& I'm shocked. Stunned, really.

This post was beautiful. Like Laurie, I love the beautiful photos interspersed with the things about you and your knitting. And the shawl? Gorgeous. I'm not even a shawl person, and even I know it's gorgeous. :)


I'm with you--I cannot believe people are making money writing books about things I've been doing for years (hello, Magic Loop--only I called it "pulling the cable through," not nearly as catchy). But now we know -- start writing!


beautiful shawl Teresa!


I love heel flaps and that shawl.
(And you. I'm pretty fond of you.)


You continue to amaze me with your lace knitting skills. :)




The shawl is gorgeous!! Really stunning! And I loved reading all the interesting little tidbits about you Terry! :)


The shawl is stunning! Absolutely beautiful.


I love the shawl! One more for my must-knit list. And what a gorgeous color you chose!


You are too cute, Teresa! The shawl is just amazing. Did I ask you, are you going to Stitches?


I so enjoyed this post, especially after spending some time with you this weekend. Your shawl is so lovely....it has inspired me to give it a try!

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That is very beautiful. Tell me that you didn't have that on at Rhinebeck and I just missed it.


Oh, that's a lovely shawl! The dark color is perfect with that pattern.

Thanks for the list. So much of it explains why your work turns out so beautifully.


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