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Nice to see you Terry!! You've been missed!
And yes you do look mighty cold! :)


Cold but happy.


You do look great! It must have been very cold but as Carole said, you do look happy. We miss you and it's great to finally here from you. Don't wait too long to share your socks and the sweater!!


Yay, you're back! You look happy and frozen in place. That wind is something else.


I don't know about cold - super cute is more like it!


Brrr....you look cold, but what a great picture! It was fun having you up here and I look forward to you visiting again :-)!


Yes, you look cold! But cute and happy.


Nice to see you back.


You do indeed look cold. I've only ever climbed Mt. Washington in the summer and it was cold then, I can't imagine what it's like now. Glad to hear from you!


i was just thinking about you yesterday. i'm psychic.


That's such a cute picture of you! Although you do look cold.


Can you comment on the trail conditions? I'm a big fan of Tuckerman, and would like to know how icey the trail up is these days.



Well, the mittens are cute, but jeez woman, put something on your head! It must be freezing out there. My skin is so badly chafed here in the Texas winter, I would be so miserable in a cold place. Waiting to see some socks.


Yes, you do look cold. Welcome back. I assume you got here in a quick thaw.


My son went to the summit of Mt. Washington on January 19, 2007. You can check out some pics at my blog. You look great in your pictures, he looked like an icicle.

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