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The beads compliment the hat wonderfully! Nice job!


The hat and gloves are lovely. It is so nice that Gillian "gets it" about the handknits. There is nothing better than knitting for someone who appreciates the item and actually wears it.


So cute! Glad she L-O-V-E-S her set!


Fantastic! I'm so glad Gillian loved it.


Well, hot damn. This might be just the thing for me to make Abigail to get her to retire the Snow Queen set, which her boyfriend (and I) just feel is worn out and not sophisticated enough for her to hit the streets of New York City with next year. (but she WON'T.GIVE.IT.UP -- talk about making a knitter proud, geesh.) I hadn't thought of Odessa for that until this post. Woo and also hoo!


At first glace I thought your title was Still Alive...I was so relieved;-)
The hat and and mitts look so great tegether. The beads and ribbin just make it! Lucky Gillian!


What a beautiful set - I'll bet Gillian looks smashing in it!


It's nice to know that there are non-knitters who get riled up about hand knit gifts. My mom is so tired of lace and my sisters can't handle any more handwarmers, but with every gift I tell them in my creepiest old lady voice "every stitch is a kiss." But it's true!


the hat is very pretty. and isn't it the coolest when someone is so appreciative? it really makes you want to knit them something else asap, doesn't it.


I made that hat as well....what a fun knit.


Beautiful color; beautiful hat.

Beth S.

You're so lucky to have a child who appreciates a fine handknit! I hope the others catch on eventually, too. ;-)


OMG.....not a bit of blue!!!!! It's my favorite color and the set is beautiful! Great job!


Thanks! I was searching around for a chemo cap yarn *sigh* and landed on Cashsoft. Now I'm SURE it won't itch my friend.


I love the hat too!

The blue light of the background takes me to another place.

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