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Woah! That is a nice sock, a big sock...you do know how to over do! Happy 4th! It's good to hear from you!


That sock is really something special! Happy 4th - enjoy your cook out!


I was just wondering how your summer was going, and here you are! That sock is lovely, and your pal won't believe her luck.


Wow, that's the hotness. Your pal will be thrilled.


Happy fourth. That's a stunning sock to be giving away.


Wow, god bless your ambition! That's some sock!
Did you get my last email about the fabric? It's been such a long time!


Wow....that is all that I can say.........WOW!

Beth S.

That is an AMAZING sock. I'm so impressed! :-)


Whoa! You finally posted ;-) and you're making those? And also giving them away? Very impressed. Have terrific 4th and may the rain stay away!


Hey, I must be on the wrong blog - those socks aren't blue. Oh, and look there's a post. What d'ya know. Nice to see and hear you again.

The Feminist Mafia

Good lord woman, you are crazy. Crazy wonderful! I hope beyond all hope that I'm your sock pal. Please please pretty please.

julia fc

I wish I were your pal. Damn, and in my green too. See you MS3, girl.


I can't take the stress from knit alongs any more. Granted it's all self induced stress, but stress nonetheless. The sock is lovely. You certainly know how to over-do just right!


the sock is lovely! wow. this is fab.


I *love* the color choice for your german stockings!!

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