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So jealous, Terry! James is one of my all-time favorites too and it's been a while since I've gotten to see him live. I was right there with you, reading your account of the show. sigh....


Terry, I had NO IDEA you were going to see JT last night! I was there, too, and entirely blown away. (It was a b-day present from my hubby -- the best ever.) No need for me to post now - you said it all so eloquently. Love that man.


P.S. You Can Close Your Eyes is my daughters' most frequent lullaby request too.


Ha! I'm so glad you got a second breath of energy and was excited for your night. I love James Taylor and it sounds like your concert was a special treat!

Love those socks!


Ah yes, James never disappoints! Sounds like a great day all around* Missed all at he Revival.


You lucky duck! It must have a great concert! The socks rock! Love the colors.


What a wonderful post!


That must have been some concert to inspire you're second fan letter! (BTW, now I'm mourning that flavor and I never had any, heh!)

Lovely, inspired socks Terry!


It was great to see you yesterday. I'm glad JT was all you had hoped for, but you must have been exhausted by the end of it all!

julia fc

oooh,life has been so crazy lately,I missed the opportunity to buy those tickets. I love his guitar playing so much, he's a smart one on the fret board. Thanks for sharing, and love the socks.


You crack me up.

Beth S.

Sweet baby James! I'm so envious of your experience. You make the night sound completely magical... which I'm sure it was, actually.


I bet that was an awesome concert. I'm sure he loved your outfit and your socks!


We saw JT last fall when he came down to DC on this tour and were utterly blown away. We were less impressed by our fellow audience members who began to boo(!) the man when he opted not to start the second half of the show for a few minutes while he signed things for the audience. I hope he'll forgive the city its boorish behavior and return to us again soon.


Well said.

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