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Have fun and say hi to Margene for me.


See you this afternoon!


have fun!


Have a great weekend, I'm already looking forward to you getting back! I can't wait to hear all about it.


Have a blast! Oh, btw, I showed my H. the ripple post and his reaction was the same as Mafias -- you have a serious fan club out there. :-)


Have a blast! Oh, btw, I showed my H the ripple skirt post and his reaction was the same as Mafias -- you have a serious fan club out there. :-)


Have a super fun time! Can't wait to see the photos next week!


Have a fun and safe trip!


Oh, I am SO jealous you get to go visit a sister knit-blogger - raise a glass/spindle/needle for me!


Lovely Knails! Have fun with the grrls!!


I didn't know you were into Vosges chocolates. There is a store in Chicago which Janine and Anthony just LOVE and take us to every time we visit!

blogless sharon

have a great time


Love the mani-pedi! Have a wonderful time playing in SLC!


I know you are having a wonderful time; such good hosts, Margene and Smith. I empathise about the height and the hemming (oh, and the shopping). I am 5'3 1/2", hate to hem and get peeved by how limited my 'petite' department choices are.


LOVE the toes and fingers...it looks like there is a blue line before the white. What ever it is, it's gorgeous. I so know what you mean about hemming pants. I have to hem every pair. I should fit a petite at 5'2", but not once have I. Thanks for the hemming link. I already knew about it, but I liked all the other projects very much.

Wool Winder

Just stopping by to say hello. It was nice meeting you on Saturday. Can't wait to see what goodies you came home with.
--Tracy from Texas


That mani-pedi looks really stylin.


Hey Terry! It was SO nice to meet you this weekend. Did you finish that cute skirt on the plane?

I'm still lusting after your lovely little spindle...

Alarming Female

Hi Teri! It was nice to meet you this weekend ~ I hope you enjoy the soap!


Harumpf. Boobs are overrated, she wrote, after hefting 'em out of the way. I've gotten really good at shawls, hats, and gloves because of fit issues. I know, when I decide to tackle it, I'll know how to fix that, but for now, trust me. They are overrated.

PS great to meet you at the Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair.


Yeah, I got that catalogue. DANGER WILL ROBINSON. The arteries will be fine, but you will need new jeans.


It was so fun to meet you. Kim and I were sorry we were unable to stay longer. We had an uneventful return to Idaho. Hope you have had time to finish your skirt, if so please publish a picture.


So are you gonna tell us about it, or what?

I love finding stuff I was going to buy anyway on sale. More for the yarn budget.


Thanks for the link to hemming jeans. Petite size jeans are always just a smidge too short for me, but regualar jeans are always 3-4 inches too long! I will make great use of this--once I get my mom's old sewing machine out and figure out how to make it work.


make sure you specify height AND boobs not either or. the whole 4'11" and big boobs thing?? No fun at all.


Tag, you're it. Uh, and I believe you owe us some shots of ripples or something, eh?


We didn't get a report on Great Basin and your trip to Utah and not many know you even have a wheel! Cough up the Rhinebeck update, grrl! ;-)

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