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Oh I'm glad the yarn is semi-durable. I have some of it in stash that I got to make a little wrap cardi thing. Your tank is swinging and oh so very swanky. (sorry really should be in bed)


The tank is adorable and you look fabulous in it!


Adorably cute, kicky and swingy tank! You should make another while you're still in the mood and have figured out all the mods. You look awesome in it!


Yay for perseverance! Wonderful job, Theresa!


Flickr is a great photo montage of you in the tank. There are some facial expressions that are priceless. I like the pout best, I think. And I do love the tank. It is perfect on you.


Kudos for sticking with it.....it looks fabulous on you! What a fun tank...I'm with Manise, cast on for another one right away before you forget all of the modifications.


Wow! That was fast. It's a great looking top and it IS you!


Sounds like a knitting nightmare...but it looks so great now that you have finished it!


Wow! I can't believe how well that came out! I love it.


Great Knit! It can be hard to redo a neckline, Super!


Looks cute! Now you know what do do if you want to make another one.


It looks great on you! Swingy to the max!

Beth S.

You rock that tank. No question about it! :-) I hope it stays warm enough for you to get some wear out of it before sweater weather begins...

And I'm still amazed at your magnificent Sockapalooza socks. Now the question is, will you be making a blue pair too? ;-)


That looks great on you. I completely agree about your 10 o'clock rule.


I just read your wonderful letter to James Taylor and I so identified with your words and feelings. I live in southern VT and not all that far from Tanglewood where James Taylor does a concert each August. What an evening it is!!! On the lawn with a wonderful picnic, good friends and good wine. If you are a real fan you might want to pay attention to the play bills at the Colonial Theater in Pittsfield. He did a concert there early in the summer that was pure MAGIC. The Colonial is an old vaudville era theater that has recently been restored to it's original
magnificance. James and his family live in Lenox so he considers himself a bit of a local and supports local venues.


Awesome and cute tank...so very perfect for you. It came out really nice!

You are definitely determined when it comes to your knitting. I wish some of that would rub off on me.


It is very cute. Well done!


Good job! Now, would you like to apply that determination of yours to the ten or so WIPs around my house? No? Darn....

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