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Let there be light, so we can see those beauties!


ooo...I can't wait to see what lovely item was worthy of that great frog closure, and also to see that fabulous skirt in better light! As for finishing...my goodness, woman! You are a masochist! Seriously, tho, if you teach any classes on finishing, I so need to know.


I am so glad I crawled out of my sick bed (truly so sick you have no idea) and now I'm SO glad I did. Thank you, thank you...I was beginning to wonder if you were alive.
PS The tea you gave to me had a Belgian Peppermint in the mix. I think it saved my life today. ;-)


Yes, yes, let there be light; I want to see the knits :)


I love the clasp you chose for the sweater. Perfect. And tomorrow I'll have a very nice photo of the skirt on my blog. :)


That clasp looks terrific!


The clasp is wonderful and the skirt absolutely stunning! Sorry that it took me almost 10 minutes of idle chatter to finally realize you were wearing it on Sunday! LOVE the color- totally perfect! And the fit? You needn't have worried :-) Wish I had spent more time with you.....

The Feminist Mafia

Bring on the booty! [did I really just write that?]


That skirt looked so good! I like that clasp on the sweater too. I would like a clasp like that that grips on both ends, so you can take it on and off the sweater. Is there even such a thing as that? There should be, it seems like a good idea.


I missed seeing you wear the skirt? Damn.


The clasp is perfect ... can't wait to see the Grand Unveiling.


Wow! You may have been silent, but you certainly have been busy.


15% humidity? That's what you guys were talking about? You weren't kidding.


You flirt with us on the blog.

Your finishing work must be world class.


Oooh, I've heard about your fabulous skirt from other festival goers. Stop teasing and show the work!

Beth S.

What a pretty clasp! Dying to see what it's, uh, clasping. :-)

If I had to choose one person to do my finishing work for me, I'd be deeply torn between you and Danielle. I know how much care both of you put into the tiniest details! :-)

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