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Cheryl S.

It's fabulous! Great job!

Alarming Female

you are SO not a fat-bottomed girl. Nope.

great skirt, though!


That turned out great!


It looks so good! I remember the pain you went through and I'm glad it was worth it.


Excellent work, and pretty flattering that Erin wants it!!


And you finished it in my dining room! It was a great night of sharing with friends and it was so much fun to hear to kvetch through it all! LOVE it, what a great look for you!!


It is such a cute skirt and it fits you well!!


You were totally SMOKIN' in that skirt when I saw you! HOT MAMA!


A true monumental knitting feat. Plus it looks so damn fabulous on you!


That skirt is cute, sexy, and a perfect fit. You sure wear it well!


Hahahaha!! I saw that post title and it cracked me right up! I love that skirt and I'm not a bit surprised that Erin wants to borrow it. It's totally hot.


You rock that skirt! Sexay!


Pete does well with the camera when given the right opportunities, huh? The skirt looks adorable, and what a nice compliment that Erin wants one. It would look cute on her too!


Wow, that is a great skirt. I would ask to borrow it if I lived with you too! ;)


This is really the first time I've seen a knitted skirt that I thought was fashionable as well as flattering. No wonder the teen wants it.


It's fantastic. Looks GREAT on you!


How cute! Absolutely adorable!


you are hardly a FAT bottomed girl. but i get the point.

that skirt is the super fantastic.

Beth S.

Grrrrrl, you are HOT in that. ;-)


Nothing for weeks. Then...bam! 3 posts in one week!!! Impressive! And, of course, everything looks great! Love the hat & skirt.


It's adorable and I want one! And someone at a yarn store today told me the yarn was dicontinued. That can't be! Didn't they JUST publish a book of patterns for this stuff? Anyway, I'm going to be trolling for tons of it to cover my large ass.


You rock, girl. That is some skirt.

Mary Beth

It's great and it's great on you!


That is WICKED!!! I love it, and I can see why the daughter wants one.


Killer skirt indeed! It looks fabulous Terry! Isn't is so satisfying when an knitting project comes together to perfection?

BTW,Dude...your whole "fat bottom" is ONE of my butt cheeks! :)


Very, very nice. Wish I looked good in skirts, now that's something I've never knit. But, I don't look like you do in one. Great job! And, lucky you for being a "hip Mom."
Sheri in GA


Yay! I found you (via Julia's blog). I can now lay blame for my recent woolen rabbit purchase, b/c i was drooling over your shawl at the Harlot event in Burlington. The skirt looks totally fabo on you... !!


Totally hot in the skirt! Awesome job!

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