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I started to sign up for NaBloPoMo in a weak moment. Then reality and honesty came forward, and I recalled how lousy I do with deadline knitting, so I never hit that "send" button.... I'll watch you and others. I'll laugh with you, not at you. Have fun!


I can't wait to hear from you everyday! Good luck!


I, for one, am laughing. But it's all good-natured laughing, as in laughter is the best medicine. :)


Good for you! Not laughing at all, but cheering you on!!!


Funny, I thought I heard Margene laughing earlier today as I passed by her neighborhood in my car. Now it all makes sense.


That's fine, you can blame me all you want and curse a blue streak, which should be easy what with being blue and all. I am SO looking forward to your posts!!

Oh, and I'm laughing my head off, but in an encouraging, aren't we nuts way, and just because I like to laugh. ; )


didn't I warn you, didn't I tell you?!! NEVER look directly into Vicki's eyes!


Definitely chuckling here....! I am SO bad with deadline knitting, so I will sit here and cheer you girls on!


Um, um, um.....I'm in shock...speechless, no less, and happy as a clam that I'll be able to visit with you everyday!! Oh and Vicki got to me, too!

julia fc

Su-wheet. Glad you did the wheel porn thing, cause Kim is just too shy to share it all.
And late to the party, but the skirt rocks. I heart your curves, baby. At least they'r ein the right places.


Yeah, that wheel kind of ruins one.


You can do it!!

Cheryl S.

Just let me know if you ever need me to smack Margene for you.


A post every day from you?? Wow! That's great! Desperately trying not to giggle. But you know what? You'll be the last one laughing when you show us all that yes, you can blog daily. Just promise you won't take a 6 month hiatus after that! Okay?

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